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Introduction is a leading online precious metals dealer founded in 2005 by Mike Maloney, renowned gold and silver expert and bestselling author of the "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver."

The website offers a wide range of products and services catering to investors of all levels, from novices looking for simple storage solutions to experienced investors seeking complex portfolio diversification strategies.

Before we get started:

Inflation and rising interest rates has destroyed many people's savings.  Many investors feel defeated and helpless, but you can fight back.

Gold and other precious metals have been used to protect against inflation for thousands of years.  And when you hold physical in a tax-protected savings account, it gets even better.

Opening a gold IRA can sound complicated, but it's really not.  

That is why we created a list of our most trustworthy investment companies, to make comparing and choosing the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

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Why stands out for its excellent reputation, transparent pricing, fast shipping, secure storage options, and top-notch customer service.

Since its inception, it has gained a loyal following of satisfied customers who praise the company's commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals through prudent investment decisions.

A Brief History of was born out of Mike Maloney's passion for precious metals and his desire to help people protect their wealth against market turmoil.

Over the years, he has built a team of experts who share his vision of providing world-class precious metals products and services. Today, is a trusted name in the industry, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Products and Services offers a vast selection of precious metals products suitable for every investor's needs:

Precious Metals

The website features an extensive collection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins/bars in various weights from reputable mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, etc.

  • Gold: American Eagle Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Coins, South African Krugerrand Coins.
  • Silver: American Eagle Coins, Silver Bullets (1 oz), Canadian Maple Leaf Coins.
  • Platinum: American Eagle Coins.
  • Palladium: Bullion Bars.

Storage Solutions provides domestic (US) & international storage solutions via third-party partners, IDS, Loomis International, and the Delaware Depository. Customers can choose from various storage options tailored to their requirements.

Domestic: Secure vaults based in Delaware & Texas managed by IDS to ensure guaranteed access to stored metals.

International: Secure vaults managed by Loomis International in Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto), and Hong Kong.

GoldSilver Insider Program

This premium membership program offers exclusive content, discounts on various products & services such as lower storage fees, and 1 oz silver American Eagle coins for fewer premiums over the spot when you purchase more than $500 worth of metals. Education and News is an education portal featuring free video series that cover gold and silver investing basics, real estate, and business cycle investing trends.

Purchasing Process on

Online Ordering provides an effortless, user-friendly online ordering process. Customers can browse products by category or enter keywords in the search bar. They can check out securely using one of the various payment options available.

Phone Orders's phone ordering process is also straightforward and customer-friendly. The company has a team of knowledgeable professionals who are always ready to assist customers in making informed investment decisions.

Payment Options accepts multiple payment methods convenient for buyers:

  • Bank Wire: suitable for large transactions only.
  • Credit/Debit Card: VISA or MasterCard accepted.
  • Bitcoin: processed through BitPay.

Check via mail addresses listed on the website.

Shipping and Delivery takes pride in its prompt shipping services both domestically & internationally:

Domestic Shipping

The company offers fast shipping to US states via USPS registered mail with a tracking number available post-purchase.

  • Costs: Fixed fee* based on order value.
  • Insurance: Up to $50,000, higher levels are subject to 'Segregated Storage' charges.
  • Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks in most cases.

International Shipping

International shipping options include:

  • Customs and Taxes: Vary by the destination country.
  • Insurance: Up to $50,000 with higher levels available upon request at additional charges.
  • Delivery Time: Varies by location. Buyback Program has a straightforward buyback program allowing customers to sell back precious metals purchased from the website. This feature ensures customers receive fair market values for their metals minus the buy-sell spread.

How it Works

The process is simple:

  • Reach out with what you want to sell using the contact info on the website; phone/email/live chat are some examples of ways you can get in touch.
  • Receive a quote price from's experts usually within two business days.
  • Ship the metals using USPS via registered mail upon acceptance of the quoted price for evaluation & confirmation, which normally takes three business days upon receipt!

Buyback Rates

The selling metals rate for buybacks fluctuates according to factors such as market prices and how popular Bullion coins are currently in demand. To know current prices for items, Available starting from multiples of face value, e.g., multiple ounces/troy oz purchased.'s Storage Partners works with third-party partners like IDS (US domestic storage), Loomis International (international storage), and Delaware Depository (US domestic storage). The company aims to ensure transparency and accuracy in storing precious metals!

Buyback Rates

  • IDS

IDS offers unparalleled features, such as guaranteed access to stored items!

Customers will have full control over the process provided suitable verifications of ownership before scheduling/preparing incoming shipment, amongst other benefits with different membership levels and features that fit any savvy investor !!!

International Partners

  • Loomis International

Loomis International offers secure and insured storage in selected countries; Hong Kong, Toronto (Canada), and Sydney (Australia). Customers may have peace of mind as it comes with Lloyds of London Insurance coverage up to $100 million!

Security Features partners with leading security companies worldwide to ensure the safe handling, transportation, and storage of precious metals! Customers can be confident they receive their products or store them safely without any worries about theft or tampering.

Investment Strategies with offers personalized advice on various investment strategies to suit customers' goals. The following are some typical approaches recommended by the company:

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio diversification is one-way investors can mitigate risk by spreading their investment across various assets such as stocks, real estate, bonds, etc., including precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products!

Hedging Against Inflation

Gold has been used as a hedge against inflation for centuries! Silver is another option that investors frequently turn to due to its historical track record that holds precious metals against inflation/deflation scenarios.

Long-term Investment Approach

Investing in precious metals can be a wise decision as part of an individual long-term strategy as they historically hold value during economic instability periods and will likely continue rising over time!

Comparing to Competitors stands out from the crowd for many reasons:

Pricing offers transparent pricing even when it comes to shipping fees & taxes etc. The website displays all fees & prices upfront before checkout so that customers won't face any surprises once they complete the payment process.

Product Selection

The company caters to widely varied options regarding different product wights or categories such as Coins/Bars/Grains so that every investor can find suitable products appealing to their preferences!

Customer Service puts a high value on customer service. The website has extensive resources to help customers make the right investment decisions, from expert advice to educational videos!

Reputation has excellent reviews on various websites, reflecting its commitment to quality products and service.

The Mobile App offers a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app offers features such as product browsing, shopping cart checkout, real-time price charts, etc., making it easy for investors on the go.

Features and Functionality

The mobile app is synced with's website and features live tracking of metals prices and the latest news updates/ insights recommendations from precious metal experts.

User Experience

The GoldSilver mobile app has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for customers to navigate different features within the application. Users comment that they are satisfied with how well-organized everything is.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials has a favorable customer reputation due to its commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. With over 100,000 satisfied customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is well-respected within the precious metals industry.

Customers appreciate the transparency and honesty throughout every step of the process. Online reviews praise the professionalism of's customer service representatives, who are knowledgeable about products and delivery times.

Additionally, customers have reported receiving assistance with tracking their orders or resolving any issues promptly and effectively. Testimonials also highlight the ease of purchasing precious metals online through without pressure or obligation from sales representatives.

Many customers commend for its speed of delivery within the promised timeframe and secure packaging to ensure items arrive in pristine condition.

These reviews attest to's quality customer service, providing peace of mind and confidence throughout each transaction.


Pros and Cons offers many valuable services to customers in need of sound investment strategies and reliable precious metal dealerships:


  • Wide range of precious metal offerings, including gold bullion coins from various countries.
  • Secure online payment options, including Bitcoin.
  • Insurance policies back up exceptional shipping services worldwide.
  • Straightforward commission rates that do not change based on the size of orders.


  • Minimum investment limits apply, depending on your selection - for instance, some ira accounts require a $25,000 minimum deposit.
  • Depending on your investment, long-term storage fees could increase yearly.
  • Delivery times may vary depending on location and demand for products.

Overall, is an excellent choice for budding investors and those interested in preserving wealth over time. Its unique approach to pricing and handling precious metals gives investors a leg up regarding successful portfolio management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is a legitimate company? has been a fully accredited precious metal dealer in business since 2005. The company follows strict regulations concerning fair pricing and transparency.

Q2: How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders typically take 3-7 business days for delivery, depending on your location and chosen payment method. Certain payment methods, such as bank wires, can extend these timelines due to processing times beyond the control of

Q3: Can I store my precious metals with

You can select from several storage solutions at, such as at-home secure storage or platinum ira accounts, all backed up by world-class security protocols.

Q4: Are there any fees associated with's storage solutions?

Yes, an annual fee varies per account type based on the size and amount of metal stored. This helps cover insurance policies for protection against theft or loss.

Q5: How does's buyback program work?

If you sell your precious metals back to the company through their buyback program, they will purchase them at current market rates, less than a small administrative fee. This process is transparent and straightforward, and customers can expect reimbursement within five days or less.

Q6: How do I track my order from

Once you've placed an order with GoldSilver, you can track the status of your purchase through your online account. Once the package ships, you will receive a tracking number and carrier information via email.

You can also access this information by logging into your account on their website. Alternatively, you can call their customer service team to inquire about the status of your order.

Q7: What is the GoldSilver Insider Program and what benefits does it offer?

The GoldSilver Insider Program offers customers exclusive access to market analysis, industry insights, and investment strategies delivered by expert analysts in precious metals market trends. This program also provides early access to new products and promotions.

Membership allows for privileged pricing for purchases of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products and priority fulfillment on eligible products.

In other words, with insider access, you get a plethora of useful information unique to, which may prove valuable in making important investment decisions regarding precious metals.

Q8: Can I purchase precious metals for a self-directed IRA through

Yes. You can buy physical gold or silver through a self-directed ira (SDIRA) from authorized participants such as SDIRA's are specially designed retirement accounts that allow investors to add physical precious metals like gold or silver bullions or coins to their portfolio. provides clients with Individual retirement account options since they are approved participants on many major online platforms providing holding services for SDIRAs.

Q9: How does compare to other precious metal dealers regarding pricing and customer service? differentiates itself from its competitors by owning its inventory instead of being merely a dealer at wholesale prices so that savings are passed on directly to clients.

They offer personalized customer support through phone calls with knowledgeable professionals ready to assist you with any queries about purchases or market trends. However, they lack live chat interaction on their website like some competitors.

Price comparisons suggest that ranks highly compared to other metal dealers and brokers due to its competitive pricing and transparency in keeping premiums close to spot values.

Q10: Are any promotional offers or discounts available for new customers on

Yes! The company frequently launches promotional offers and discount deals for new customers interested in buying precious metals bullion. By signing up for promotions, clients get special discounts on their orders, which can help save money in the long run. has offered various limited-time benefits for new customers earlier, such as free shipping options, cashback rewards, product discounts, and gift incentives, while committing to its five-star customer service policy, where they take care of their clients from the start till order fulfillment.

Keep a lookout as promotions vary depending on several factors but are frequent.

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