U.S. Gold Bureau Review

U.S. Gold Bureau Review

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Investing in precious metals like gold can be daunting for first-time investors. Ensuring you get what you pay for and dealing with an honest, reputable broker is crucial.

Enter the U.S. Gold Bureau. The U.S. Gold Bureau aims to simplify the process of acquiring precious metals and finding a trustworthy broker.

This company is dedicated to providing consumers with the information needed to make informed decisions when purchasing gold, emphasizing trust and integrity.

If you've been contemplating investing in gold but are unsure where to begin, this review of the U.S. Gold Bureau is for you.

First, it's important to note that despite its official-sounding name, the United States Gold Bureau is not a government agency.

In this review, we'll look into the services offered by the U.S. Gold Bureau and what sets them apart.

Before we get started:

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Table of Contents

What is the U.S. Gold Bureau?

Founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas, the U.S. Gold Bureau is based on a foundation of bringing trust and integrity into the process of buying gold and other precious metals.

They fully understand that consumers have many options when it comes to where they can go to buy precious metals, but the U.S. Gold Bureau is highly focused on serving their customers according to a step-by-step guide when they are ready to make a purchase.

The specialists working for the U.S. Gold Bureau all have extensive training and experience in the sector of precious metals and they are ready to exceed their client’s expectations.

In 2009, The U.S. Gold Bureau changed ownership, but don’t allow this to change your mind when it comes to using their services. This company has experienced dramatic growth from the time it opened its doors, which includes countless referrals from extremely satisfied customers.

This speaks volumes of the type of business that this company provides and that Texas as a state chose the U.S. Gold Bureau to construct and operate the Texas Bullion Depository, which has made it the sole state-administered storage facility for precious metals in the country.

Using the U.S. Gold Bureau Website

The website of the U.S. Gold Bureau is concise yet very informative, which makes it a simple task to extract any information that is needed. The main menu features several useful tabs to choose from.

Topics like “the basics of precious metal buying”, “news and tips for investing”, and “diversification”, have been covered thoroughly. Even people that are just starting their precious metal investment journey can learn about the basics.

U.S. Gold Bureau Products

  • The U.S. Gold Bureau offers a range of precious metals.
  • They also specialize in pre-1933 silver and gold coinage, modern certified NGC and PCGS.
  • Investment Grade Coins, platinum and silver sets, along with palladium, silver, platinum, and gold bullion products from respected refineries and government mints from across the globe.

Precious Metals IRA Services

There is a very helpful feature on the U.S. Gold Bureau website called the Retirement Services division.

This section includes a very helpful video that includes a full set of instructions for signing up for an IRA and education for consumers about the advantages of precious metal IRAs.

This company strongly believes that investing should be the right choice for all ages and they promote and endorse precious metals like gold as a solid and sound investment. Don’t worry if you start feeling a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of information.

Just keep in mind that precious metals like gold will always maintain their value, and as we are headed into very uncertain financial times, more people have started to turn to gold investments to secure their futures.

Reasons to Invest in a Precious Metals IRA

During the working years, many people work towards growing their wealth. But once people retire, their main focus changes to protecting and preserving the wealth they have saved rather than trying to grow it.

The self-directed and employer retirement accounts tend to rely on bonds and stocks which is a fantastic way to grow savings in a healthy economy. However, many of the market cycles will only last for around 7 to 12 years.

This ultimately means that these account types won’t be great all the time in different market conditions. The risk with these types of equity-heavy retirement accounts is that high inflation and one large market correction could wipe a person’s life savings out overnight.

It can also take many years for the markets to rebound. In most cases, when investors start having concerns about the danger of inflation that the markets are suggesting, they start looking for alternative methods to safeguard their savings for retirement.

The reasons behind converting a percentage of, or your entire retirement accounts into a precious metal IRA are simple and logical. Changes in market conditions, stages of life, and investment objectives should result in changing your investment strategy.

Which Metals are IRA Eligible?

Most investors find it a thrilling opportunity to own a precious metal like palladium, platinum, silver, or gold in a self-directed IRA since it gives them more control when it comes to their financial goals and future.

There are many options to choose from when buying precious metals to back an IRA. The Australian Kangaroo, Canadian Maple Leaf, and The American Eagle are all IRS-approved coins for an IRA along with precious metals that come in bar form.

Any type of precious metal that is owned in an IRA has to meet specified fineness requirements, and most come from an accredited and approved refiner. You will be assigned a retirement specialist when you work with the U.S. Gold Bureau.

They will professionally guide and help you through each step of the process to protect your retirement savings by rolling over the money in your 401(k), 403(b), or current IRA account into a precious metal IRA.

When it comes to acquisitions surrounding official 401(k) or IRA retirement accounts, you will be required to fill out the appropriate documents with the United States Bureau to ensure your order has been funded properly.

Buyback and Selling of Precious Metal IRA’s

You will have the option to sell your precious metals or gold back to this company. However, we suggest checking on the prices that other companies are providing before you make a purchase.

The U.S. Gold Bureau transparently displays every purchase on its site. They also display purchase offers in real time since the precious metal prices on the market are constantly changing.

In this way, you can determine exactly how much you can expect to make before confirming the sale. We feel this is among the most convenient and transparent setups in this industry. This is why we recommend working alongside the U.S. Gold Bureau when you want to sell your holdings.

How To Sell Your Precious Metals Bars and Coins?

When it comes to selling precious metals the sale will involve three simple steps:

  • Your first step involves finding the item you want to sell. All prices and listings can be found in the “Sell to Us” area. To find your item, look through the Payouts Catalog.
  • After selecting the items, make an inventory list. If you are selling multiple items, there is an option to adjust each number. The pricing estimates usually vary slightly and will also depend on how much you are selling.
  • Packaging and shipping will be the next step. The company will send you a customized-packing slip once the order has been confirmed. This will be printed and then attached to the package.

The quoted payout will be locked for 48 hours. But you will be required to ship your package to FedEx within this time frame. If you don’t ship on time, you may risk receiving a lower offer.

The items in your package will then be verified and authenticated when U.S. Gold Bureau receives them. One of the representatives will be tasked with verifying the authenticity of the items. They will then release payment to you within 5 business days.

There are different payment options available, these include:

  • As a store credit when you are exchanging your metals
  • Transfer by bank wire
  • Via mail
  • The bank wire transfer is a preferable option since they are quicker and offer usable funds.

The U.S. Gold Bureau Buy Back Guarantee Policy

The U.S. Gold Bureau commits to providing its customers with easy access to the highest quality precious metals on the market.

They provide clients with more security and comfort with a Buy Back Guarantee. This offers investors several options if they ever want to sell a percentage of their portfolios, or those wanting to divest their portfolios entirely.

U.S. Gold Bureau will either purchase the precious metal product that you bought from the company, or they can facilitate the sale of your assets (on your behalf).

The process is secure and easy. The prices that you will be offered for any product you would like to sell are going to vary according to the method that it is sold. This could include consignment sales, immediate liquidation sales, or open market sales.

The price will also be determined by the market conditions and the demands for the items you wish to sell. There are no guarantees when it comes to the price, the Buy Back Guarantee is rather the promise that a market will be made for any of your items that qualify.

There may be lower or higher prices offered by the other market-makers in real-time for any eligible products.

Benefits of a Diversified Precious Metals Portfolio

A precious metals portfolio is one of the only ones that will continue to increase as the “spot price” rises. These investments are also protected from unpredictability and volatility, and it is also positioned for long-term growth.

This is a simple strategy that creates precious metals portfolios that is more secure, more balanced, and diversified. Your mix of two asset classes include Investment Grade Coins and Bullion should be decided by three main factors:

  • Investment Philosophy
  • Liquidity Requirements/Time Horizon
  • Tolerance for Risk
  • Portfolios that are exposed heavily to bullion markets may be more aggressive but it also makes them riskier.

They are typically suggested for short-term investors that are placing bets on imminent moves in the market and are prepared to take on higher degrees of risk since the prices often fall or rise in a very short time.

The portfolios that contain a higher percentage of Investment Grade Coins are regarded as more conservative and secure since historical data has suggested that this type of bullion is less volatile, and offers a gradual price appreciation.

A minimum holding time of 5 years at least is suggested to give these investments enough time to start maturing.

Balanced portfolios that contain both Investment Grade Coins and bullion are ideal for investors that prefer to reduce exposure to what happens to the gold price on the market and shelter their savings from geopolitical forces which are out of their control.


  • Retirement Services
  • Investing Tips and News
  • Easy-To-Use Website
  • US-Based Precious Metals Dealer
  • Their Subsidiaries Partner with Full-Service Precious Metal Companies


  • This company has loads of negative reviews across many websites
  • Incorrect charges have been ignored when customers attempt to resolve these issues


While the U.S. Gold Bureau might have a few issues such as delayed or slow shipping, and a lot of customer complaints when compared to other well-known gold dealers, they still provide high-quality services and they highly value their customers.

During our review of the company, we discovered that this company consistently strives to give its customers decent service. They also make sure that each of their clients is guided through each step of the process.

Consulting with precious metal specialists offers an excellent opportunity to obtain a thorough guide for people that are just starting when it comes to this form of investment. The resources that U.S. Gold Bureau provides are helpful for experienced and beginner users alike.

U.S. Gold Bureau is not a scam, they are a decent company, but we do not recommend them.

They are not the best option for cash purchases of gold and silver and certainly not the best option for investors looking to protect themselves from inflation with a gold IRA. There are much better options that we have covered extensively on this website.

Remember to read our list of the Best Gold Investment Companies to work with, before investing your hard-earned savings!

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Or, if you like what you read about US Gold Bureau, continue to their website below.

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