Bishop Gold Group Review

Bishop Gold Group Review

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With extensive experience in the industry, Bishop Gold Group emerges as a noteworthy option for those seeking to invest in precious metals.

The company is dedicated to fostering healthier and more robust relationships with clients, ensuring they are well-informed to make optimal investment decisions. By equipping clients with comprehensive knowledge and confidence, Bishop Gold Group enables them to experience the advantages of portfolio diversification.

Bishop Gold Group stands out due to its client-first approach, prioritizing the best interests of its clients. Each client is regarded as a team member rather than merely a business associate, fostering a stronger and more collaborative connection.

This philosophy enhances teamwork and profitability, making Bishop Gold Group an excellent choice for both novice and intermediate long-term investors in the precious metals market.

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Table of Contents

About Bishop Gold Group

Bishop Gold Group is a company that delivers a highly rated platform for investing in different types of precious metals in the US. They have their HQ located in Los Angeles.

They focus on maximizing the diversification of an individual’s savings to promote better and safer investing. The company has effectively provided personalized advice and support to a very large range of investors that are looking to get into precious metals investing.

They have established a good reputation within the industry. They have been known for providing some of the best customer services in the industry. They also have a very wide range of opportunities to invest in and they tailor all investment advice to the needs and wants of the client.

Bishop Gold Group specializes in helping individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolios and maximize their wealth through precious metals investing.

The company offers a lot of free precious metals-focused education seminars that you will find scattered across the USA. They also represent First Gold Bank which offers storage for investors who are looking for both domestic and/or international storage options.

The group prioritizes advising clients to come up with a solid investment strategy to make more informed investment decisions regarding the size of their investments and how they want to allocate their money accordingly.

Reasons to Invest with Bishop Gold Group

Bishop Gold Group garners a lot of trust from its clientele. They do this by focusing on the customer first. The needs of the customer are prioritized above all else. They have a lot of experience within the industry too.

This provides them with a leg-up on the competition because they know how to effectively allocate portfolios to minimize risk and maximize reward. It helps them effectively come up with the best strategies to diversify savings and more.

The financial platform they deliver has very easy-to-follow steps to get everything set up. That way you can start experiencing the benefits of getting a precious metals IRA up and running.

Because they have plenty of experts in tax law in the company, they offer a very good, easy, and accessible way to ensure that your investment is making sense based on current tax legislation.

Along with this, the investment you make will ensure you are getting tax-free growth rates for all of your retirement investments to maximize the wealth you gain for your family.

It’s a very tax-advantaged strategy that can help you maximize your earning potential, and it can only be achieved within the Bishop Gold Group team.

Bishop Gold Group’s Products and Services

  • Gold Prices

The group makes it a priority to properly educate clients on the different trends within the precious metals marketplace. This includes the current changes in the marketplace, past trends, and future outlook.

This way, they can make much more informed decisions regarding their precious metals investment. They offer up yearly figures from the past 48 years to help clients take advantage of the increasing prices of these precious metals.

  • Gold Investments for Your Portfolio

The group also offers services on how their customers can start up new precious metals IRAs or roll up an existing retirement account into a gold or precious metals IRA. That way, they can better diversify their investment strategy.

They offer everything from high-end risk management practices to a diversified portfolio management strategy to ensure that their clients get the best retirement account advice they need. This can help their clients hedge against the market in times of instability.

  • Other Precious Metals Investments

The Bishop Gold Group allows different clients to buy and invest in coins made out of gold, silver, and more. Some of the coins you will find include the American Gold coins with the highest value and even the South African Gold coin.

They offer silver, gold, platinum, and palladium rounds and bars for investment purposes.

Reasons to Invest in Gold?

Gold is a precious metal. It’s both scarce and finite and tangible. All of these things make it a good store of value especially compared to fiat currency and paper money. Paper money has been known to be unstable and worthless in comparison.

After all, the government controls the amount of money in circulation. With gold, there isn’t a worry about increased supply. This keeps the value of gold much more stable. It’s also sustainable.

Unlike the US dollar which has continued to lose dominance within the global marketplace. All of the precious metals out there are much better positioned to survive the geopolitical unrest and other issues facing the macro global economy.

Thus, it can be seen as one of the best ways to protect yourself and hedge against uncontrollable things like inflation, geopolitical issues, and more. Gold has historically been one of the best stores of value and the value can be derived from its rarity, scarcity, durability, malleability, and more.

It’s not nearly as volatile as some of the other assets out there. Likewise, it doesn’t depend largely on various other changes in the marketplace. Whereas, whereas bonds and stocks are largely dependent on these factors.

As a result, your risk is heavy if you are improperly weighted in your investments and the majority of your wealth is in these volatile assets. Gold and precious metals have become an increasingly sought-after emerging trend in the financial markets.

A lot of prudent investors are looking into precious metals investing as a good way to diversify.

Investing in precious metals is recommended for those looking for a better way to diversify their portfolio and potentially take advantage of times that experience spikes in volatility and uncertainty.

What is a Gold IRA?

Whenever you are thinking about and considering investing for your retirement, the majority of people are aware of the different options they have available to choose from. Investing in precious metals like gold is a good way to boost your savings.

Opening a precious metals IRA is a good way to hold tangible assets for your retirement. A precious metals IRA can store everything from silver to gold to palladium and even platinum. Typically, they can store bullion and coins.

To store gold in an IRA, you would need it to be self-directed and administered by an approved custodian. They will be in charge of handling and storing the precious metals.

How Does a Gold IRA Differ from a Traditional IRA?

A precious metal or gold IRA is different from a traditional IRA in that you can hold precious metals in it. You would only be able to hold approved metals though. They need to be IRA-approved and they need to be done so through an approved third-party custodian.

For instance, you can hold IRA-approved physical gold in Gold American Eagle Coins and even Gold Osprey Coins. Whereas, if you opened a traditional account, you would be limited to investing in stocks, options, and bonds.

Advantages of a Gold IRA

  • Tax Benefits

One of the major benefits is the tax benefits that come with it. You get the same special tax considerations that a traditional IRA would get. Thus, any contribution you make would be tax deductible.

Likewise, any withdrawal that qualifies from your Roth accounts would be tax-free.

  • Long-Term Wealth Preservation

When you are investing in precious metals, it’s not going to be for a quick trade. These assets aren’t overly liquid. Because of this, you will be investing for the long term.

It only makes sense that you take advantage of the long-term benefits that come with a retirement account. As with any “buy and hold” kind of investment, it’s well-optimized for a retirement account.

  • More Control Over Your Financial Future

Any precious metals IRA you open is going to be fully self-directed. Therefore, you would have complete control over your investment decisions.

How to Set up a Precious Metals IRA?

There are ways you can roll over an existing retirement account into a precious metals investment account. This gives you the chance to save more and experience greater diversification with your investment strategy.

Transfer Your Savings to a New Custodian

The first step involves transferring your savings to a new custodian. Bishop Gold Group has a life of recommended self-directed custodians that you can choose from. That way, you can deposit and start to invest in precious metals.

Help With Purchases

When you go through Bishop Gold Group, you can get specialized help with your precious metals purchases.

Once you go through and deposit the funds into the accounts, they will offer you up to 28 days that you can use to decide which precious metals you want to invest in. They will then buy it for you.

Have Your Precious Metals Stored

You will then have all of your precious metals safely and securely stored in a registered depository under your name.

They will allow you to store your metals in Delaware and through Brink’s Global Service Depository. These are easily the two most trusted and secure deposit slots in the USA.

Professional Monitoring

The Bishop Gold Group will then start to actively monitor your portfolio. They will continue to communicate with you frequently to ensure that you continue to maintain a steady pace with your retirement plan.

Other Investment Options

Gold is easily the most well-known precious metal available. That being said, you can buy and sell other precious metals too. This can help you diversify your portfolio even more.

They will allow you to buy and invest in all kinds of precious metals including silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. As you can tell, there are alternatives to gold that can give you lower prices or even higher value.

Silver is available in different coins with different values. You can find American silver coins to South African coins. Bishop Gold Group will give you the chance to switch out your silver deposits to suit your specific retirement plans and strategy.

You can purchase and invest in palladium and platinum in rounds and bars depending on how much you want to diversify.


You always want to take a look at a company’s reviews before choosing to do any kind of business with them. Looking at reviews online can be a good way to tell if they are a business worth trusting with your investments.

They have an A+ rating with the BBB. This means you are likely getting high-quality customer service.

Trustlink, they have a 5-star rating. This is a third-party review site that you can count on. You will also find they have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot too. Thus, if those ratings are anything to go by, you can count on getting high-quality service.

You can tell that they are a company that delivers for their clients based on their online reputation. They even have client testimonials on Google reviews where people are recommending them for their financial planning management and investing strategies.

Is Opening a Precious Metals IRA Right for You?

A precious metals IRA is tax-deferred. It helps you build your wealth and diversify your portfolio to de-risk your investment strategy. It’s a very sustainable decision that could benefit not only you but your heirs too.

It’s one of the oldest and least volatile assets you can invest in.

There are plenty of people that think precious metal investing is a good way to hedge against inflation. Money continues to be printed at high rates and it devalues the currency and increases the value of assets like gold which have limited supply and that are tangible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some reliable ways to invest in precious metals?

Typically, you would invest in these metals in the form of bars, coins, and rounds.

Which are the best precious metals for my portfolio?

Well, that depends on each investor’s situation. Most would say that silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are the best precious metals to invest in.

Investing in precious metals is safe. You want metals that have high demand. All of these metals have high demand which makes them fairly liquid.

Why should I invest in gold?

Gold is a good precious metal to invest in because it’s been a store of wealth for centuries. There will always be a buyer for gold. Gold is much more liquid than other metals. It’s also a good way to hedge against inflation or volatility.

Gold’s price and value remain relatively stable in comparison.

What kind of gold can I purchase?

You can buy gold and other kinds of precious metals in two distinct ways. For one, you can buy it and store it through a gold IRA. You can also buy bars and coins outright.

You will find plenty of different products you can buy if you are looking to buy bars and coins. You can contact Bishop Gold customer service to see what options you have available.


  • Decent reviews. They have a lot of positive testimonials and feedback across different review platforms including Trust Pilot, Better Business Bureau, and Google.
  • They make client interests a focus and priority
  • They offer gold IRA rollover for Roth and Traditional IRAs
  • They recommend diversifying


  • There aren’t any verifiable affiliates that can serve as a guarantor if they do ever file for bankruptcy
  • The entire process of setting up a precious metals IRA can be long, tedious, and discouraging to novice investors
  • There aren’t any segregated storage options


The Bishop Gold Group is a precious metals company that utilizes a proprietary method to effectively price precious metals.

They’ve become one of the best platforms for buying and investing in all kinds of precious metals for both retirement security and profit potential.

They have been known for having some of the best experts in the field working for them and they maintain a high rating and good reputation for having a client-focused approach.

If you are looking to set up a gold or precious metals IRA, they would be a fantastic option to consider.

We think that Bishop Gold Group is a safe company to invest them, but we do not recommend them.

When considering a precious metals IRA, you only want to work with the best in the industry. That is why we spent years researching every business in this industry and compiled a list of the best, most trusted companies to work with.

Remember to read our list of the Best Gold Investment Companies to work with, before investing your hard-earned savings!

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Or, if you like what you read about Bishop Gold Group, continue to their website below.

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