Decades of experience through various market cycles bring depth and rigor to our approach:

Turner was founded in 1990 as an investment boutique with a dedication and commitment to provide top-tier active management strategies and forward thinking for clients. Since the founding, the firm has remained true to its roots. Over these same decades and years, the investment management industry and global financial markets have grown, technological advancements.

The accelerations of globalization and technology has provided all investors access to and liquidity within the global markets that has never seen before. Gaining exposure to equity markets, bond markets and other liquid asset classes has been packaged at competitive fees due to technology.

August 2016

Staying true to our belief of forward thinking active management, Turner merged with Veracen LP to solve problems and provide solutions for clients. Veracen brings a proprietary operating investment platform to successfully position Turners clients for the decades to come.

The combination of the two firms acknowledges and embraces the global investment management landscape with three differentiators:

World-class investment professionals experienced in delivering excess and risk-adjusted returns within all market environments.

Tools & Solutions
Innovative, transparent, scalable and liquid strategies across the global equity and fixed income markets and six investment themes.

Veracen is a proprietary web based technology platform capable of supporting institutional investment Managers with manager tools, analytics, risk management, and reporting.

August 2017

Veracen LP announced a global co-development, co-marketing and collaboration agreement with Linedata Services, S.A. (LIN:FP) (“Linedata”), a publicly held global software and services company based in Paris, France with 20 offices and 1,250 employees supporting 700+ clients worldwide. The Agreement between provides for co-development of end-to-end financial technology solutions, co-marketing, and branding globally in Europe, Asia, and the United States with global support, client customization, wrap around services, installation, and training.

August 2017

Turner Investments, an affiliate of Veracen LP, acquired Elkhorn Capital Group LLC, a leading innovator of exchange traded products, including ETFs, ETNs, and UITs, located in Wheaton, Illinois. Upon the closing of the acquisition, Turner will gain significant product capability which complements the company’s existing investment processes and the technology platform developed by Veracen.

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