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One of the best ways to secure a financial future is by diversifying retirement portfolios. Investors select mutual funds, stocks, and bonds in most cases. These individuals have an alternative to precious metals, however.

Buying gold or silver offers a unique way to protect those financial assets from stock market volatility.

To start with precious metals investing, individuals must find a dealer selling the appropriate products. is one of many choices in the marketplace today. Learn all about so that consumers have confidence in their precious metals dealer.

Before we get started:

Inflation and rising interest rates has destroyed many people's savings.  Many investors feel defeated and helpless, but you can fight back.

Gold and other precious metals have been used to protect against inflation for thousands of years.  And when you hold physical in a tax-protected savings account, it gets even better.

Opening a gold IRA can sound complicated, but it's really not.  

That is why we created a list of our most trustworthy investment companies, to make comparing and choosing the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

Look to see if was selected to our "highest recommendation" list this year!


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Get to Know is a precious metals dealer based out of Dallas, Texas. It has a well-organized website where customers do most of their shopping. They're welcome to browse through various metals that are clearly marked on the top tabs.

It appears that's retail division is a priority with many other precious metals available other than just gold or silver.

The products have clear images with current pricing listed underneath each one. Investors are usually met with a "call with pricing" disclaimer on precious metals products seen elsewhere, so spot pricing is greatly appreciated here.

One feature that's missing from is a variety of informational blogs or articles. In fact, there's very little information about investments as a whole. For experienced investors, this fact may be a welcome sign.

They don't have to wade through these web pages again. New investors, however, could have some trouble with a lack of information regarding potential investments. does offer several ways to contact them, including a chat feature, a contact page, or via hotline. Keep in mind, however, that they're only available on weekdays. Investors who want information over the weekend will need to wait.

Overall, the website is full of various products to interest investors at any price point. Coins and bars are the main focus.

Know About Reviews, Complaints, and Industry Ratings appears to have mixed reviews from customers. They either love the service or have detailed complaints about them. However, many of these complaints are subjective regarding shipping issues.

From wrong addresses to United States Postal Service problems, the complaints aren't necessarily about each time.

Ideally, investors should read as many reviews as they can to make an educated decision about their purchases. clearly lays out its pricing structures, shipping terms, and other details on the website.

According to the Better Business Bureau, has been accredited since 2015. They have an A+ rating too. There are a few complaints filed with the BBB, which offers investors a glance at the business's customer service. Most complaints have a response or resolution for the customers, however.

There are many reviews about originating from customers, but it's difficult to find any affiliates who review the company as well. Further research may be needed in this area.

Explore Available Services's website is practically a treasure hunt for investors. Click on the "Silver" or "Gold" tabs to find subcategories, such as rounds, various coins, and bars. Their inventory looks truly impressive.

Investors click on a desired item, and a corresponding image pops up. Extremely detailed descriptions accompany every item. Investors will be pleased with this attention to detail. Other sites don't put this much effort into their product pages.

Aside from product shopping, also offers a buyback program. Investors can call the company, negotiate on pricing and agree on a final number. This feature gives investors yet another way to access their funds with little effort.

Additionally, can consult with investors regarding a precious metals IRA or Individual Retirement Account. They appear to walk through an account setup process, assist with the custodian and depository selections and facilitate precious metals purchases.

This feature isn't prominently highlighted on the website, however. is more geared toward product sales than account maintenance. Investors would need to inquire about this service via the hotline. There don't appear to be any online account setups at this time.

Discover's Unique Features

There are a few features that make stand out in the precious metals industry. For example, they highlight sales on their "Deals" page. In fact, it's hard to miss because its tab has a gold highlight.

Click on "Deals" during every visit because investors can find some unique items at outstanding prices. These sales are limited by nature, so visit often.

Investors aren't limited to just gold or silver purchases either. Copper, platinum, and palladium are all available in their various forms. also offers accessories, such as protective covers, to complete those collections at home.

Additionally, is extremely transparent about the taxes they charge. Click on the "Tax" tab, choose a state and investors learn about the rate being charged to that shipment address.

Investors should always double-check tax laws in their state when it comes to buying precious metals. Some products don't require taxation, for example, whereas others are mandated. can always walk investors through a sale so that the taxes are clear and concise.

Another unique feature of is its payment options. They accept standard payments through bank wire, credit cards, e-checks, or even personal checks. In fact, they also accept cryptocurrency.

This payment type isn't seen on most sites, which gives the investor even more options during purchases or IRA funding.

Break Down's Fees advertises spot pricing on precious metals. It's unclear how often the spot pricing is updated, however, based on the market costs. Investors should note that does add a premium to the spot pricing.

Premiums give the company some profit while offering quality products to the masses. They report only a small premium on their products, such as $2.50 over the spot, which is a fair addition.

This company markets its availability for IRA account setups, but there are no fees advertised. Investors should expect fees from the custodian and depository, however. If investors want to open a precious metals IRA with's assistance, ask if they charge any fees.

 They may not charge any fees because of a potential sale of precious metals when the investor funds the new account.

For everyday sales and shipments, charges a flat-rate fee of $9.95 for any purchases below $199. Buy more than $199 in products, and ships the items for free. If investors want to make a substantial purchase, free shipping is certainly an incentive.

Consider Working With

There are many online reviews about, which are full of both negative and positive comments. If investors research further about how the company was formed and its commitment to business ethics, there is a surprising lack of information.

In fact, their "About" page discusses how they can take care of their customers instead of describing their background. It would be helpful for investors to read about the founders, their mission statements, and further information.

Investors may need to step carefully when it comes to working with There just isn't enough concrete evidence about the company to make a strong promise about their services.

It's encouraging to read about their long time in the industry, however. The fact that they've been dealing in precious metals for about a decade speaks volumes. Investors might consider this fact to be a good enough reason to try a small purchase with them.

Ideally, contact customer service, ask for the name of the representative, and return to that person for future purchases. Building a relationship with one person might create a more personalized service with

In the end, a new investor with may be able to write a glowing review about an experience soon.

Compare's Pros and Cons

Advantages abound at, such as the sheer volume of products available. They've painstakingly developed their inventory so that it has understandable categories and subcategories.

For example, clicking on the "Silver" tab and then choosing "Shipwreck Silver" brings customers to some of the most unique items on the Internet.

Their shipment policy is attractive as well. They advertise almost 90 percent of their shipments going out on the same day. Assuming this statistic is true, the majority of customers will appreciate the effort.'s precious metals price charts are also a reflection of the company's dedication to customer service. They're updated as much as possible with details surrounding every aspect of investing.

A downside to is the fact that they're an online dealer. Investors cannot browse their inventory in person. Although precious metals dealers are largely online entities today, it's helpful to have a retail store for some face-to-face time with the inventory and personnel.

Additionally, investors may be concerned about the number of negative reviews. Many of these reviews involve customers who never received their goods after paying for them.

Although these scenarios may be the shipping provider's fault, a pattern seems to be emerging among these unrelated purchases. Investors may want to try a small purchase first to see how it arrives at its destination. The loopholes with's insurance do not cover many of these lost shipments.

Understand the Finer Details is proud to offer no order minimums. Investors can start out small and gradually build their precious metals wealth. Essentially, caters to every budget.

With each shipment comes insurance and a required signature. These features keep shipments safe while in transit. carries the insurance, which covers the shipment until proof of receipt.

Ideally, investors should be present for package receipts because the signature must match the order.

Shipments move from inventory as soon as payment has been posted. For orders with personal checks, for example, shipments cannot leave the facility until the payment clears.

Investors can check on the status during this waiting period so that they can keep up with the package's transit time.

Additionally, offers various grades of precious metals. Investors will find standard and certified coins, for example. Gold and silver that are approved for IRA investments can also be found on the site.

These products, however, must ship from the dealer to the depository only. IRS-approved precious metals can never be physically held by the investor until it's withdrawn during retirement.

Keep an eye on the "New Arrivals" tab. also supports coin collectors. They may have rare and unusual coins picked out for their loyal customers. This page changes regularly, which makes it popular for coin fans.

Reading over the precious metals pricing charts can help investors understand the industry even more. They can then recognize fair deals and questionable prices in the future.

With nearly a decade of experience in the precious metals industry, appears to have a solid reputation. Consumers should perform their own research and contact this company on their own time.

By starting with a few transactions, confidence can build in any financial entity. Retirement can be enjoyable with financial security in the background.

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