Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review

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Red Rock Secured is a company in El Segundo, California that helps others invest in gold and silver. Investors also have access to resources that help them decide on the best investments as well as charts that track current values.

The following Red Rock Secured review goes over the top things to know about the company.

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About Red Rock Secured

As a privately held company, Red Rock Secured does not cater to the interests of others in its daily operations. It works hard to help investors find the best products, which in turn, helps the company increase its profits.

Red Rock Secured offers a variety of premium products in addition to educational tools for investors. The company prioritizes safety, knowledge, protection, and diversity above all else.

Pricing and Fees

One thing that makes Red Rock Secured different from other investment websites is that it doesn't publicly share prices. Those who want to buy from the site must speak to a gold expert first. The expert will look at their goals and wishes to help the investor build a strong portfolio.

Some customers do not like this aspect of the site though. They prefer knowing how much things cost without speaking to anyone first. Certain customers may prefer just buying from a different site.

Red Rock Secured offers a zero-fee-for-life policy. It claims that more than 980% of its customers qualify for this policy. Those who qualify can buy gold and other metals from the site without facing any fees.

The site has a price protection policy, too. Red Rock Secured claims that it will refund some gold and silver purchases if the price of the items drops later.

Available Products and Services

Investors will find a wide range of both products and services from Red Rock Secured. Though the site does not share pricing information, it does allow investors to find values when they speak to a gold expert. The site offers both gold and silver products.

  • Gold Products

Most of the investors who work with Red Rock Secured purchase gold coins for their investment portfolios. A Gold American Eagle Proof Set is one option they can buy. This set includes four proof coins that are uncirculated and come in a display box.

Some of the other available gold coins include:

  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • American Buffalo Bullion
  • Gold Great Britain Rose Gold Guinea
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo
  • Gold Bars

Creating a diverse portfolio involves multiple types of gold and silver. Red Rock Secured offers gold bars for those who don't want to invest in just gold coins. Each bar weighs one ounce and is .9999 pure gold. They come from a variety of financial institutions around the world.

  • Silver Coins

Though silver is not as valuable as gold, the price can rise based on market conditions. At Red Rock Secured, investors will find both quarters and other smaller coins as well as silver dollars. A few of the coins that are available from the company include:

  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic
  • 1964 Half-Dollar Kennedy
  • Silver Canadian Arctic Fox
  • Silver Mercury Dime
  • Silver Canadian Snow Falcon
  • Silver Bars

Red Rock Secured offers a bigger range of silver bars than it does gold bars. One is a silver bar that contains 100 grams of silver. The one-ounce and 10-ounce silver bars are equally popular. The site also helps investors find silver bars of up to 100 ounces. All of the bars meet the standards the IRS has for IRAs.

  • Platinum Coins

Investors often look for coins that use different metals to add to their portfolios. Red Rock Secured offers customers the option of buying platinum coins such as the American Platinum Eagle. While the image of the American Eagle always stays the same, the image on the opposite side changes every year.

  • Palladium Coins

Palladium coins are also available from Red Rock Secured. One of the more popular options is the American Palladium Eagle, which first hit the market in 2017. As the US Mint only releases a small number each year, it's often hard to find and retains its value. Red Rock Secured found that there are fewer than 100,000 of their palladium coins in the world.

  • Junk Coins

Some collectors love the idea of sorting through junk coins to find a diamond in the rough. Many banks allow customers to come in and buy coins that they can go through at home. Similar coins are also available from Red Rock Secured.

These coins often include quarters, dimes, and other coins that have low face values. They were in circulation and may show some signs of damage or wear and tear. Though not all junk coins are worth more than face value, some do have up to 60% silver in them.

  • Exclusive Coins

The only place on the web to buy Red Hawk coins is Red Rock Secured. These coins are up to .9999 pure and have the image of a hawk taking flight on the front. Red Rock Secured offers a .9999 gold Red Hawk coin from Canadian that includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the opposite side. Similar coins are also available in silver.

  • Bullion Products

As a way to help customers diversify, Red Rock Secured now offers some bullion products. Gold and silver bullion often comes from mints around the world and has a high purity content or level. Red Rock Secured has both gold and silver bars as well as coins that qualify as bullion.

Gold and Silver Charts

Investors and customers do not need to go far to find current gold and silver prices. Red Rock Secured has a page with multiple charts listed. At the top of the page are the current spot prices for both gold and silver.

Spot prices are what an individual could sell an ounce of gold or silver for right now. They can see the highest and lowest prices in the recent pass along with asking and bidding prices.

A historical chart further down on the page goes over prices over prices and how they changed in the last decade. Users can view the prices found on the Dow Jones or S&P 500 as well as values in American dollars.

Another helpful feature is a date box. This lets a user enter the dates they want to check and see how gold and silver values changed within that period. The charts help investors see how prices fluctuated.

Home Delivery

Many investment websites only allow customers to buy precious metals that they store in specific depositories. Red Rock Secured gives investors the choice between off-site storage and home delivery.

With home delivery, investors can store their gold and silver in any way they would like. Some investors prefer storing precious metals at home where they can keep them safe. This also allows them to withdraw gold whenever they want and sell it. They can either share their purchases with the IRS or keep them confidential.

Customers can also buy precious metals as an LLC or use them as part of a self-directed IRA. With a self-directed IRA, they choose a facility and store their purchases there. This allows them to move investments from another account to the new IRA.

Those who set up an LLC can keep track of their investments and store them in a bank or another facility.

Knowledge Center

One of the more helpful areas of the Red Rock Secured website is its Knowledge Center. This page includes a guide on the different types of metal and why customers would invest in each one. There are also descriptions and definitions of the various ways people invest in precious metals and a free metal assessment.

The metal assessment helps new investors find out how much their portfolios are worth based on what they already own. Red Rock Secured asks them to fill out a form and then has a rep get in touch with them. The rep gives them a value and offers tips on what they can add to their accounts.

Custodian Partner

Owning a gold IRA requires working with a custodian. Red Rock Secured can help new investors find a custodian who looks out for their best interests. The custodian is responsible for adding any new gold, silver, or other metals to the account and making sure that the investor completes the required paperwork.

A custodian can also help an investor find ways to transfer other investments to their accounts. Though Red Rock Secured will not act as the custodian, the company will help a customer find the right custodian partner for them.

Document Center

Some people do not realize that buying gold and silver online requires proof of their purchases. Red Rock Secured has a Document Center that it protects via a unique password. Each investor receives a password when they sign up for an account.

They can visit this page, enter their password, and unlock all of the available documents. These documents often include some they need when they file their taxes and others that help them transfer their investments.

Wealth Protection Guide

Anyone who visits the Red Rock Secured website will find a Wealth Protection Guide listed on the homepage. This is a free e-book that anyone can get once they share their name, email address, and phone number.

They can then download a copy of the book and get tips on how to invest in precious metals and the benefits of a gold IRA. Some customers may not like this feature of the site though.

They need to download the guide before they can access anything else on the site. Customers may not like sharing their personal information either, especially if they aren't sure they want to talk with a gold expert.

Free Insurance and Shipping

While many investing sites offer free shipping, Red Rock Secured is one of the only sites to offer both free shipping and insurance on all purchases. Any customer who buys from the site gets their order shipped to them for free.

The insurance on the package covers the amount the customer spent. If the order never arrives, Red Rock Secured will refund the investor the total amount they spent, even if the products have a lower value.

Is Red Rock Secured a Scam?

Red Rock Secured is not a scam. The company receives more positive reviews from investors than negative reviews. On Consumer Affairs. more than 100 customers wrote reviews and gave the company an average of 4.9 stars.

Many reviews highlighted the educational resources offered by the site and claimed that the resources helped them before they bought.

The company also has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Red Rock Secured has an average BBB rating of 4.78. Some reviews claimed that the gold experts were professional and helped with any questions that customers had.

Other customers liked how simple Red Rock Secured made the process of investing in gold and silver. There were also positive reviews shared on n Trust Pilot. Customers gave the site an excellent rating. There were some negative comments about Red Rock Secured though.

One potential investor claimed that the gold expert made rude comments when they decided not to move forward. Other complaints came from investors who said the experts called them quite often and tried to push them into investing without giving them enough time to make a decision.

Pros & Cons of Red Rock Secured


  • Lots of free resources and educational tools
  • Pairs new investors with a gold expert
  • Offers precious metals in the form of coins, bullion, and bars
  • Has a guide for new investors
  • Helps investors find custodians for their accounts


  • Requires some information to access the site
  • Experts can use pushy sales tactics
  • Doesn't offer as many options as other companies do
  • Makes the process a little confusing for some customers

Final Thoughts

Investing in precious metals is a popular strategy in today's world. While the values of stocks and bonds can drop a lot in a few weeks, gold and silver often retain their value.

Red Rock Secured is a good choice for investors who have more experience as well as those who already have portfolios that include precious metals. New investors will find some of the site's resources helpful, especially its educational tools and free wealth protection guide. They may also appreciate the free assessment now offered.

Those who have more experience investing in metals may find the company more worthwhile. Red Rock Secured pairs all investors and customers with gold experts who can help them grow their accounts, too.

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