RC Bullion Review

RC Bullion Review

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A quick search for "buying precious metals" unveils a plethora of options. Indeed, the array of choices for investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals can be overwhelming.

Selecting the right vendor is crucial. The right investment broker or marketplace can be the difference between securing the ideal product for your needs and ensuring you have all the necessary information to make a sound investment decision.

Among the many options available is RC Bullion. This website offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services for individuals interested in investing in precious metals.

Keep reading to discover how RC Bullion can support your investment journey.

Before we get started:

Inflation and rising interest rates has destroyed many people's savings.  Many investors feel defeated and helpless, but you can fight back.

Gold and other precious metals have been used to protect against inflation for thousands of years.  And when you hold physical in a tax-protected savings account, it gets even better.

Opening a gold IRA can sound complicated, but it's really not.  

That is why we created a list of our most trustworthy investment companies, to make comparing and choosing the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

Look to see if RC Bullion was selected to our "highest recommendation" list this year!


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Table of Contents

What is RC Bullion?

RC Bullion is a precious metal vendor that specifically specializes in IRAs and retirement accounts. As noted on the front page of their website, this is their main priority: They seek to work with individuals who want to fund precious metal retirements.

They are also a full-service vendor that is capable of sending precious metals directly to you. It's worth noting that this is just the information we could gather via a quick review of the website. There is no in-depth information on who RC Bullion is, who founded the business, or their credentials.

This is not necessarily the end of the world, but when it comes to investing your money - and particularly your retirement money - transparency is key. RC Bullion does not have any of the usual information about the company's qualifications, instead choosing to lean heavily into reviews about their products and services.

Products & Services

Retirement Accounts A precious metal IRA has many advantages and can unquestionably be part of a comprehensive retirement strategy. However, opening and managing a precious metal IRA is slightly more complex than opening another type of IRA:

Only approved custodians can manage these IRAs, and the precious metals must be stored at IRS-approved locations. RC Bullion bills themselves as experts in these self-directed IRAs, with multiple pages on their website that are specifically dedicated to opening such an IRA.

RC Bullion notes that they have specific customer service agents and the necessary expertise to walk any individual through opening such an IRA, then helping them buy the variety of precious metals that can be kept in a qualifying IRA.

Interestingly enough, the main thrust of much of their front page isn't so much about opening an IRA but about transferring one. The website notes that RC Bullion "specializes" in converting an existing IRA or 401k into a precious metal IRA.

This may provide an interesting service for interested individuals who are looking to transfer some or all of a retirement account into a precious metal IRA. Specifically, RC Bullion claims that they have "experts" who will understand what precious metals to invest in that will ultimately benefit your retirement account.

Like many other websites that deal in this area, RC Bullion lacks transparency in terms of fees. Strangely enough, while it does offer guides and resources on the benefits of opening an IRA with them, it never specifically lays out the products that it offers, instead relying on its resource page to generally describe its IRA options.

The lack of information about management fees and storage is disconcerting. We reviewed the entire website, including terms & disclosures and a frequently asked questions component. That information isn't listed anywhere.

Products & Services: Investing & Collecting Though more limited than on other websites, RC Bullion does offer an array of gold, silver, platinum, and premium coins. Different sections of their website refer to other bars and forms of bullion being available, but a review of the content of the website could not locate that information.

This means it is either hidden or unavailable. Regardless, there are numerous domestic and foreign coins available. There are also multiple forms of foreign currency, including the Swiss Franc and the British Sovereign.

However, difficulties come to light when you attempt to order any one of these coins. Running your mouse over the coin changes the picture, a common tool deployed by websites that are attempting to appear interactive.

However, there is no way to click on the coin and see more information, including shipping and pricing. There is, thus, obviously no way to add the coin to a shopping cart and order it directly from the website.

Strangely enough, this portion of the website doesn't even list specific ways that you can order the coins, and it would appear that it expects you to dial the number listed at the top of the website.

This is a deeply unintuitive system that would seem to lack adherence to even the most basic forms of internet-based commerce. Resources It seems as if the vast majority of the RC Bullion website is dedicated to news articles, guides, and more.

Fortunately, this information can be very helpful to individuals who may be interested in opening some sort of precious metal account, although it is important to remember that this content is done entirely from a marketing perspective.

First, there is a tab that lists "Gold/Silver Investing Resources." These links provide free guides that enable users to learn more about investing in gold and silver. Getting these guides does require that an individual give their email address, which means that they will almost certainly start receiving marketing emails from RC Bullion.

However, individuals who don't want to get the full guide can look at the webpage for a massive array of information on gold, silver, and IRAs. Fortunately, the content here is highly useful. It does not veer into marketing, instead providing solid and fact-based information on how individuals can buy gold, silver, and other precious metals.

It also extensively discusses opening a precious metal IRA, including providing an overview of what sort of regulations you must adhere to open this retirement account. The same page then provides links to over two dozen blog articles on very specific topics, like "How to convert a Gold ETF to Gold."

This is deeply granular information that provides expertise and insight for individuals who want to learn more about this conversion process. Again, it avoids marketing, save for a perfectly reasonable call to action at the end of the article.

This content is highly useful. More importantly, it builds an impression of trust and expertise. If the company is willing to spend this much time creating resources for customers or prospective customers, it may mean that they are knowledgeable and able to help you steer your investment decisions in a positive direction.

Opening an Account RC Bullion allows individuals who want to open an account to do so by clicking on a few applications. The applications are somewhat awkwardly formatted, appearing within an embedded window that allows you to click for a signature.

These applications come in two forms: A shipping and account agreement and an IRA application. The format is clunky, but the result is that you can use the website to open an account.

The phone number listed at the top of the website gives information on how you can call if you have any additional questions, making it relatively easy for an individual to speak with a real person and get the information that they need.

Reviews The top banner of the website lists reviews, with purported quotes from individuals that show five-star ratings and are studded with compliments. While this content may be useful, independent review websites are unquestionably more useful gauges of what others think of RC Bullion.

Multiple websites do have reviews of RC Bullion, including Google Business: 4.2 out of 5 stars (5 reviews) Trustpilot: 5 out of 5 stars (1 review) BBB: Accredited, A+ rating This is obviously not an extensive array of reviews, but the content does seem to create a positive impression of RC Bullion.

Things get a little stranger when you look at RC Bullion's reviews on TrustLink. It seems that this is where many of the quotes that they pull from on their review page originated. The issue? There are 153 ratings, and all are five stars.

However, all reviews are from 2018 and older. All use similar tone, perfect grammar and are typically spaced a couple of days apart before stopping abruptly in June 2018. At best, this looks genuinely strange. Other websites have conducted in-depth reviews of RC Bullion.

Generally speaking, these websites noted many of the same challenges we have found: A lack of information about what you can buy and difficulties operating the website in a way that you would expect.

It is noteworthy that other reviews also found this company to be a legitimate vendor, one that may be capable of meeting your gold-oriented needs.

Final Verdict

RC Bullion's self-proclaimed specialty in transferring IRAs into precious metal IRAs is useful. There is no doubt that there is a niche market here, and this product may be extremely useful for individuals looking to pursue this service.

There is also a genuinely vast array of useful information, including blogs and research articles, that can give guidance to individuals who are interested in potentially opening an account.

However, RC Bullion comes with a lack of transparency that causes major problems. The website generally describes who they are and what they do, but it never actually takes the time to give a more in-depth explanation about their services.

There is a lack of transparency around how much it costs to do business with them. Furthermore, there isn't even basic information about the website or its founders, such as who they are, what their qualifications are, and how long they have been in business.

This information is commonly disclosed on most precious metal websites, and the fact that it is missing doesn't speak well of any customer-service orientation.

Most frustratingly is that the website does not seem to allow for easy internet-based ordering, instead forcing you to call a number to place an order. This practice makes ordering from RC Bullion deeply inconvenient.

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