FideliTrade Review

FideliTrade Review

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In this article, we'll conduct an in-depth review of FideliTrade, a precious metals dealer specializing in buying, selling, and storing physical precious metals. We'll analyze their product pricing, offerings, storage options, customer service, and overall reputation within the industry.

We aim to provide a comprehensive and neutral perspective on Fidelitrade, allowing potential customers to decide whether this company is the right choice for their precious metals investments.

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Table of Contents

FideliTrade Company Overview

FideliTrade is a Delaware-based precious metals dealer and refiner in business for over 40 years. They offer a wide range of precious metal products, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins and bars.

Their services extend beyond buying and selling precious metals, as they also provide storage solutions through their sister company, Delaware Depository. FideliTrade is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG).

Product Offerings

  • Gold

FideliTrade offers an extensive selection of gold bullion products, ranging from popular government-issued coins to various-size gold bars. Some of their most popular gold products include:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo
  • Gold bars in various sizes (1 gram to 1 kilogram)
  • Silver

FideliTrade's silver product lineup is equally diverse, featuring a mix of privately minted rounds, government-issued coins, and silver bars. Some of their most popular silver products include:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo
  • Silver bars in various sizes (1 ounce to 100 ounce
  • Platinum and Palladium

In addition to gold and silver, FideliTrade also offers platinum and palladium coins and bars. Some of their platinum and palladium product offerings include:

  • American Platinum Eagle
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf
  • Australian Platinum Kangaroo
  • Palladium bars in various sizes (1 ounce to 10 ounces)

FideliTrade Pricing and Fees

FideliTrade offers competitive pricing on its precious metals products, with prices based on each metal's current spot market value. Their pricing structure includes a premium above the metal's spot price, which varies depending on the product and quantity purchased.

Although Fidelitrade does not impose additional fees for precious metals purchases, customers are accountable for any shipping and insurance costs. Clients have the option to choose from multiple shipping methods, including USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

The shipping expenses will depend on the weight and value of their order.

Storage Solutions

Fidelitrade's affiliate, Delaware Depository, offers safe storage alternatives for precious metals. This storage facility ensures complete peace of mind and comes with full insurance coverage.

Clients can rest assured knowing that their precious metals are well-protected with top-tier security features like 24/7 video surveillance, motion detectors, and biometric access controls.

Fidelitrade provides customers with a choice between segregated and non-segregated storage options. With segregated storage, customers can opt to keep their precious metals in labeled and sealed individual containers for enhanced security. The fees c

FideliTrade Customer Service

Customer service from FideliTrade is known for being knowledgeable and friendly. They have a comprehensive FAQ section on their website that addresses many frequently asked questions regarding their products and services.

Clients may get in touch with their team via phone or email. Their team is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time).

Reputation and Trustworthiness

FideliTrade has built a strong reputation within the precious metals industry for its integrity, transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They have received numerous positive customer reviews praising their competitive pricing, product selection, and attentive customer service.

As a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), FideliTrade is subject to strict industry standards and guidelines, ensuring business practices adhere to a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Pros and Cons

To provide a balanced overview of FideliTrade, let's examine some of the pros and cons associated with their services:


  • Wide Product Selection: FideliTrade offers a broad range of precious metal products, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. This diverse selection allows customers to find the right investment products to meet their needs and preferences.
  • Competitive Pricing: FideliTrade's pricing is based on each metal's current spot market value, ensuring customers receive fair and transparent pricing for their precious metals investments. Their premiums are competitive within the industry, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious investors.
  • Secure Storage Solutions: Through their sister company, Delaware Depository, FideliTrade offers fully insured storage options for precious metals, providing customers with peace of mind knowing their investments are stored in a secure and reputable facility.
  • Reputable Company: With over 40 years in the precious metals industry, FideliTrade has built a strong reputation for transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction. As a member of the ICTA and PNG, they are held to high industry standards and guidelines.
  • Responsive Customer Service: FideliTrade is recognized for its exceptional customer service. Their customer service team is well known for being friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, assisting and providing satisfactory solutions to address any questions or concerns customers may have about their precious metals investments. They always endeavor to provide the highest level of customer care.


  • Shipping and Insurance Costs: When purchasing precious metals from Fidelitrade, it is important to note that the company does not cover shipping and insurance costs. Even though Fidelitrade operates with a transparent price policy, customers are still responsible for these additional expenses. It is essential to remember this, especially when placing significant or high-value orders, to avoid issues regarding additional costs.
  • Limited Online Functionality: Fidelitrade's website provides extensive product and service information. However, it is worth noting that their website does not offer all the features found on other precious metals dealers' websites, such as live chat support or the option to place direct orders on their website.
  • No International Shipping: Since FideliTrade's operations are restricted solely to customers residing in the US, their potential customer base is essentially limited to those with interest in their precious metal products and services within the US. Hence, it is possible that FideliTrade might not be able to cater to potential customers outside the US market.

Fidelitrade is reputed as a reliable and trustworthy dealer in the precious metals industry. They offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of their customers, coupled with competitive pricing and secure storage options.

Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in their strict adherence to industry standards, making them a top choice for investors who seek to buy, sell or store precious metals confidently.

It is important to note that additional costs, such as shipping and insurance, are not included when purchasing precious metals from Fidelitrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help clients gain a better understanding of Fidelitrade's services, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

How do I purchase precious metals from FideliTrade?

Customer who wishes to purchase precious metals from FideliTrade need to get in touch with the trading desk and speak to an experienced trader via phone.

The Fidelitrade traders possess comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the transaction process and are equipped to provide customers with up-to-date pricing information and guidance through each phase. Please be advised that placing orders directly through Fidelitrade's website is not currently an available feature.

What payment methods does FideliTrade accept?

Fidelitrade offers a variety of payment options to customers who are interested in purchasing precious metals, such as cashier's checks, personal checks, bank wires, and ACH transfers.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that Fidelitrade does not currently accept credit cards or PayPal. If opting for personal checks, customers should expect a clearance period before their order can be processed.

How long will it take to ship my order?

Once payment has been received and cleared, FideliTrade will swiftly process and ship customers' orders.

However, shipping times may vary depending on the shipping method and the customer's location in the United States. Normally, all orders are shipped within 1-3 business days following the payment clearance.

Can I sell my precious metals back to FideliTrade?

Yes. Customers who want to sell their precious metals can do so through FideliTrade's repurchase program. You can contact their trading desk for a quote based on the current market value of your metals.

Once you agree to the buyback price, FideliTrade will provide you with instructions for shipping your metals to their facility. After they receive and verify your metals, you'll receive payment via your preferred method.

Are there any tax benefits to storing my precious metals in Delaware?

Delaware is known for its favorable tax environment, and there are potential tax benefits to storing your precious metals in the state.

Delaware does not impose sales tax on the purchase of precious metals, and there are no property taxes on stored metals held in a Delaware Depository account. However, consulting with a tax professional regarding your specific tax situation and potential benefits is essential.

Can I take physical possession of my precious metals stored at the Delaware Depository?

Yes, you can request the delivery of your stored precious metals anytime. In order to get the precious metals ready for transportation, FideliTrade will communicate with Delaware Depository.

The company will also go through the different shipping options and charges with the customer. The precious metals will be sent to the designated destination when the buyer selects a shipping option and makes the necessary payments.

In conclusion, FideliTrade is a reputable and trustworthy dealer that offers a wide range of precious metals goods and services to meet the various demands of investors. The company has a strong reputation in the market and is dedicated to keeping customer satisfaction high.

For individuals looking to invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, FideliTrade is an excellent choice. However, it is important to remember that there can be extra charges for shipping and insurance.

FideliTrade's online capability is also rather limited, so you might not take advantage of all the benefits you're used to from other websites. Overall, FideliTrade is a reliable and trustworthy option for people searching for a quality precious metals dealer.

Additional Services Offered by FideliTrade

Apart from its primary services of buying, selling, and storing precious metals, FideliTrade provides additional services to cater to the different needs of its clients effectively. These services include:

  • Precious Metals IRA

FideliTrade also offers support for investments in precious metals through Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). This allows you to diversify your retirement portfolio with valuable assets like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

FideliTrade works with various IRA custodians to help customers establish and manage their precious metals IRA, ensuring a seamless process.

  • Numismatic Services

For customers interested in collecting or investing in rare, collectible coins, FideliTrade provides numismatic services. Its team of experienced numismatists can help select and evaluate rare coins for your collection or investment portfolio.

Also, FideliTrade partners with Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to offer a top-of-the-line coin grading service.

  • Refining Services

Along with offering a variety of services, FideliTrade also runs a precious metals refinery where it offers customers who want to convert their scrap gold, silver, platinum, and palladium into investment-grade bullion products.

Modern facilities and cutting-edge refining methods guarantee accuracy and effectiveness during the processing phase. You'll find their refining services offered at competitive rates.

Tips for Choosing the Right Precious Metals Dealer

When it comes to investing in precious metals, finding a trustworthy dealer is vital. After all, you want to ensure you're making the right decision for your financial future! So, what should you look for when choosing a precious metals dealer? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Reputation: Research the company's reputation within the industry and review customer feedback to make sure they have a history of being trustworthy, honest, and reliable. Seek out dealers who are part of renowned industry associations, such as the ICTA and PNG, to ensure that you get quality service.
  • Product Selection: Choose a dealer with a wide range of precious metal products, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. This ensures you can access diverse investment options to suit your preferences and goals.
  • Pricing: Compare pricing and premiums among dealers to ensure you receive competitive and transparent pricing for your precious metals investments.
  • Storage Solutions: If you plan to store your precious metals, consider dealers offering secure storage options, such as FideliTrade's partnership with Delaware Depository. Investigate the storage facility's reputation, insurance coverage, and storage fees before deciding.
  • Customer Service: Choose a dealer with a responsive and knowledgeable customer service team that can address your questions and concerns promptly and efficiently.
  • Additional Services: Consider dealers that offer additional services, such as precious metals IRAs, numismatic services, and refining, if these services align with your investment needs.
  • Online Experience: Evaluate the dealer's website and features, such as live spot prices, interactive charts, and the ability to place orders online. A user-friendly website with advanced features can enhance your overall experience when investing in precious metals.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a precious metals dealer that best suits your investment needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

FideliTrade is a reputable and well-established precious metals dealer with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Offering a diverse product selection, competitive pricing, secure storage solutions, and additional services such as precious metals IRAs, numismatic services, and refining, FideliTrade caters to a wide range of investor needs.

Although FideliTrade's website may lack advanced online features found with other dealers and does not cater to international customers, the company's primary focus is customer satisfaction and ensuring industry standards are met.

FideliTrade proves to be a reliable choice for investors who want to buy, sell, or store precious metals due to their adherence to these standards.

When selecting a precious metals dealer, it's critical to consider various factors such as reputation, product selection, pricing, storage solutions, and customer service.

Evaluating these factors can help investors choose the dealer that aligns ideally with their investment goals and preferences.

In conclusion, FideliTrade is a trustworthy and reliable option for customers who seek a respected precious metals dealer providing a range of product selections while keeping a good reputation in the market.

While potential customers should be aware of shipping and insurance costs and the limited online functionality of FideliTrade's website, their overall offerings make them a strong contender in the precious metals market.

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