Endeavor Metals Group Review

Endeavor Metals Group Review

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Investors are fascinated by precious metals because of their inherent value and stark contrast to paper assets that include stocks and bonds. Researching a legitimate company that sells precious metals, however, can take some time.

Endeavor Metals Group is a popular choice among investors today. Explore their services so that investors might find the right fit for their expanding portfolio.

Before we get started:

Inflation and rising interest rates has destroyed many people's savings.  Many investors feel defeated and helpless, but you can fight back.

Gold and other precious metals have been used to protect against inflation for thousands of years.  And when you hold physical in a tax-protected savings account, it gets even better.

Opening a gold IRA can sound complicated, but it's really not.  

That is why we created a list of our most trustworthy investment companies, to make comparing and choosing the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

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Introducing the Endeavor Metals Group

The Endeavor Metals Group sells precious metals directly to customers. Purchase the products online, or visit their two locations in South Florida. They sell gold, silver, palladium, platinum bars, and numismatics. Investors can also purchase commemorative coins from EMG.

This company sells a mixture of brand-new coins, such as American Eagles, and rare coinage. Investors might find coins from the 1700s at times. These rare coins will change from day to day, so investors must keep up with the company's current stock.

Investors might ask the staff about certain coins they're trying to collect too. They might be able to notify the investor when a coin is in stock, for example.

EMG remains popular with investors because of its industry affiliations. They're an authorized dealer of the United States Mint, Perth Mint, and Royal Canadian Mint. These connections translate into quality products that investors can rely on.

EMG has been a registered company with the Better Business Bureau for two years, but the company has been in business for at least a decade. This amount of industry experience gives investors a solid resource as they shop for precious metals.

They encourage investors to visit their stores, which personalizes the experience whenever possible. A face-to-face discussion about precious metals can inform investors and help them understand future investments.

Online purchases are always available, but they don't come with the customer service found with an in-person transaction.

The website offers clear images of the products, including the front and back sides. Some investors may want to see the coins in person. Colors and textures are just easier to see in the natural light. The fact that EMG has two offices for viewing purposes makes it even more popular among investors.

Alternatively, investors can also call EMG to speak with a specialist. This interaction is a positive compromise between visiting a store and clicking on an online product. Online reviews call out specialists by name, which means they made a strong impression on the investor.

Buying Precious Metals

EMG's website is laid out in a simple format. Choose a metal type on the horizontal banner at the top. Investors see a dropdown menu under that metal's name with bars, coins, and numismatics as selections.

Clicking on a selection brings the investor to the page with each product pictured within their secure packaging.

Investors can read about each item, including its history, metal content, and more. Each product has its price clearly marked. Investors might be interested in the "offer" feature found on most products. Click on this button to pull up a form.

Fill in the contact information and offer amount. EMG can contact the investor about this offer. Some products may have room for negotiation, which makes this feature particularly helpful for budget-conscious investors.

EMG ships the items for free in discreet packaging. The entire process is similar to any online shopping experience. If investors have any questions, a chat box pops up for a quick conversation. The company allows you to browse throughout the site without any sales pressure.

Learning More About Metal Investments

EMG's website is mainly a shopping marketplace, but it's also full of helpful information. Investors can read many articles about precious metals. They start with the basics, such as whether or not an investor should buy silver.

The articles carry on to more advanced subjects, including precious metals IRA guidelines. Wholesale dealers even have their page where EMG covers how they can help out these investors.

An area where EMG shines is the FAQ page. Every question an investor might have is covered in great detail. The transparency shows off EMG's character in the industry.

From order cancellation rules to commission questions, these FAQs tell investors everything there is to know about buying precious metals at EMG.

Head over to the blog page for even more precious metals information. These articles are conveniently placed on EMG's site to highlight many of their products. Investors should always consider the source when it comes to precious metals research, however.

Any blog on EMG's site will paint precious metals in a positive light at all times. Investors might perform an online search for these subjects so that they can see alternative perspectives. Investing in any product or asset has some risk to it.

Knowing About Flexible Payments

EMG offers some of the most flexible payment types in the industry. Investors can pay for their purchases using these outlets, such as:

  • Personal, certified, or cashier's checks
  • Bank wire
  • Money order
  • Major credit cards
  • ACH

Investors also have the option of paying with precious metals. However, many of these forms of payment can only be performed at EMG's offices. Online orders are typically limited to credit and debit cards, PayPal, or browser payment methods.

EMG continues with its transparency when it comes to surcharges. Paying with cash helps investors avoid the 3-percent surcharge required on credit card sales. Investors only pay for the product plus the sales tax when choosing a cash method. If a sale is large enough, that surcharge can quickly add up.

There are no minimum or maximum orders for EMG sales either. The company is always on the lookout for any potential fraud, however. Large sales, such as more than $25,000, may require a deposit and additional information from the investor. Keeping track of their sales makes EMG a legitimate figure in the precious metals industry.

Precious metals are constantly changing in value. Their price per ounce can fluctuate every hour, for example. When investors are interested in a certain item, they can "lock in" a price. They hold the item with a major credit card until the transaction can be completed.

As a result, the price remains at an agreeable level as the investor shops.

EMG updates the pricing every 45 to 60 seconds. Investors receive the best pricing possible with real-world values seen across each product. Although the cost shouldn't fluctuate too much, it offers a glimpse at how this investment can benefit each buyer.

Trusting in Endeavor Metals Group

Investors must be careful about aligning themselves with the right companies regarding precious metals sales. A great way to test the waters with any company is by looking at online reviews.

EMG has many reviews across several key websites, including Yelp. They're largely positive. It's difficult to find a lackluster review. However, every investor should consider these reviews as just a snapshot of the company.

People who didn't appreciate EMG's services may not review them at all, for instance. It's important to note that EMG does comment on some reviews, such as Google, which reflects their dedication to customer service. They've also "claimed" their business on Yelp.

Companies that want to see real feedback from their customers will often participate in review websites so that their information is as accurate as possible.

EMG appears to be a strong company with help from its industry affiliates. EMG is a member of these organizations, including:

  • Professional Coin Grading Service or PCGS
  • Industry Council of Tangible Assets or ICTA
  • Silver Institute
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or NGC
  • American Numismatic Association Certification Service or ANACS

EMG's participation within these organizations makes them a legitimate company within the precious metals industry. They often have strict guidelines for membership and everyday business practices.

Concerning Characteristics

EMG appears to have a good reputation in the industry. It's been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with no filed complaints across its two-year span. It has several five-star reviews on this site too.

This company isn't a scam and doesn't have any real concerning characteristics. It's licensed, bonded, and insured. Any customer negotiating with EMG appreciates these safeguards.

EMG has been a limited liability company or LLC for only two years, however. The company has been around for about a decade, which means it may have another operational title.

If customers could research the previous names, concerning characteristics might arise. It can be difficult to find this information now. This fact should be kept in mind as investors consider a business with EMG.

This company doesn't talk about investment risk either. Precious metals have been historically safe from stock market plunges and economic strife.

Investors should know the products being sold won't offer any dividends like a paper asset. Any profit from precious metals comes when the item is ultimately sold.

Typically, it takes many years for precious metals to gain value too. Precious metal bars and coins are meant to be held for a decade or longer. Precious metals are a long-term investment. EMG doesn't make this fact clear on the website.

They're merely highlighting the overall benefits of holding precious metals. Any money used to buy the metals will be inaccessible as a result.

Exploring Company Features

Buying precious metals can be a risky business with the wrong company. Because EMG deals directly with the U.S. Mint, investors can be sure that their coins and bars are genuine and of high-quality metal. Each product has its own identifying values, from purity percentages to manufacturing dates.

Clear pricing comes with every product. Aside from sales tax, there are no hidden shipping fees, commissions, or other costs. EMG makes the purchases simple. They act as a middleman between investors and the corresponding mints.

There's a return policy and money-back guarantee as well. EMG believes in its products. If an investor isn't happy with an item, it can be brought back without any issue.

Currently, EMG offers the latest stamping of the American Eagle coin. Investors find the featured items on the homepage. Because these coins are often limited in number, it's helpful to buy them before they're sold out.

Investors will see if an item is sold out before clicking on it too. Scroll down to the available products with ease.

Looking at Overall Services

EMG advertises itself as a precious metals dealer. It might advise investors on product characteristics and value, but it doesn't offer investment advice.

If investors want more out of their precious metals dealer, another company would be a better choice. For example, investors may want to buy precious metals for a gold IRA or Individual Retirement Account. EMG doesn't set up gold IRAs or hold an appropriate depository for the items.

In these cases, investors must find a separate custodian for investing purposes. This financial advisor creates the gold IRA in the investor's name. The investor and custodian can then purchase products from EMG.

However, they cannot be shipped directly to the investor. They must be sent to a secured depository. In fact, the investor never touches the product. It remains in the depository so that the investor can reap the tax benefits of a gold IRA.

The federal government controls the IRA rules. EMG must follow all guidelines. They might refer investors to a custodian or depository, but further services aren't typically offered. They're simply a selling agent for precious metals.

EMG only casually mentions information about custodians and precious metals IRAs as well. Investors have a few choices to make in regard to precious metals purchases. They can buy directly from EMG and house the items at home. There are no tax benefits to this scenario.

Alternatively, they can work with a custodian to buy the products necessary to fund the depository. Some custodians, however, have their own precious metals supplier. A purchase from EMG may not be possible in every case.

Making a Final Decision

EMG may be relatively new to the precious metals sector, but they've forged a solid reputation. Investors should simply outline their goals for the purchase. Securing precious metals at home is common for many households.

EMG serves this sector with pride. Their products can be stored away with their details spelled out on their packaging.

Starting a precious metals IRA and funding it with EMG's products can take a bit more time than necessary. They don't employ custodians who often know their inventory down to the tiniest detail.

Following the custodian's lead on where to buy precious metals may be a better financial decision than remaining loyal to EMG.

Consider the investor's goals to make an educated decision on buying from Endeavor Metals Group. Their transactions appear safe and streamlined so that every investor can find those numismatic treasures.

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