Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals Review

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Do you need to diversify your retirement saving methods? Does your current portfolio have too much exposure to basic stocks and bonds that are at risk from the endless devaluation of the U.S. dollar?

Are you looking for a transparent, efficient, and reputable firm to help with your retirement goals? Are you looking for an alternative way of assets to help you prepare for your retirement savings? Look no further because Augusta Precious Metals Company is the best fit.

The customers are pleased with the company’s services, thus giving it an excellent reputation and five-star ratings.

The company was created in 2012, and it has not received any complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Augusta Precious Metals is known for its good reputable image in conducting business.

This review will highlight the merits and demerits of the company, look in-depth at what the company does, the products and services it provides, its capable team, the reasons for one to invest in the precious metals, i.e., gold, silver, etc., and what makes the company unique to its customers.

Before we get started:

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Table of Contents

Augusta Precious Metals Background

Augusta Precious Metals is a company whose primary business is assisting investors in converting investments into precious metals, e.g., silver and gold. It is also a gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) company that does not have pressure sales, thus providing a stable working environment for its employees.

The company’s expertise is with precious metal IRAs, which have a tax-benefit advantage in physical metals, unlike stocks that are not backed by tangible assets. Precious metals hold their value and have much less volatility, unlike stocks that have erratic price movements every day.

Through its experienced team, the company educates its clients about their retirement diversification options. It uses a simple approach that enables its customers to clearly understand the services rendered and the products provided.

The services provided continue even after the client has invested with the firm. Many gold companies don’t offer long-term robust service beyond the original transaction

The benefits of working with Augusta do not lapse after the original transaction. Augusta is known for its reputable name and attracts more customers as no other IRA company can claim not to have complaints from the BBB and the BCA.

The company’s objective is to secure its customers’ futures with precious metals IRAs. The company also has to offer sales to non-retirement clients who want to possess their gold and silver outside the IRA.

Augusta Company is honest and transparent in its dealings with customers. It educates the clients about acquiring the precious metals IRAs and how to maintain them throughout the saving process.

The firm advises its clients on the risks involved and the longevity of their services.

Management Team of the Company.

Isaac Nuriani is the company’s CEO. As the company states, he helped launch the company to help people retire and save by multiplying their savings through precious metals. Mr. Nuriani facilitates the process by educating the customers on the importance of them keeping their assets like precious metals.

Isaac Nuriani believes in the values of transparency and commitment when leading the firm.  Mr. Isaac is also a member of various organizations, such as the Ethics network.

A strong team backs up Mr. Nuriani to enable the company to complete its duties. Devlyn Steele forms part of the team as he is the company’s Education Director. Mr. Steele leads the education team to educate the customers about saving mechanisms through alternative assets.

His work has made many Americans wealthy by investing in the business and also start saving through precious metals. Howard Smith, the Chief Financial Officer of the company, offers knowledge about risk management to the company and the customers.

He has helped the company achieve its financial and corporate goals since he started working with the company in 2018. Mr. Smith has further helped customers overcome the possible risks that may affect their retirement.

Product and Services

Augusta Precious Metal Company offers products that are designed for the primary purpose of protecting their client’s lifetime of savings. The company knows that this is the best way to navigate the current volatile economic conditions.

The company helps clients safeguard their future through the following products and services:

Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA):
It is an investment vehicle that allows one to control their assets and possess the unique ability to hold physical silver and gold. The IRS sanctioned these accounts because savers were demanding the ability to hold physical precious metals.

It needs to be overseen by a custodian and should be stored at a secure facility. The company provides the physical metal and gold for this IRA and aids their clients in learning more about it and helps one open the account and work with the custodian.

Silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA):

This product is the same as the gold IRA; thus, whatever applies to the gold Individual Retirement Account will also use here. The only difference is that this is a Silver IRA.

Regular (cash) Gold and Silver accounts:
This account is outside that of an IRA. This product allows customers to buy coins and store them however and wherever they please to gain value.

Custodial Services

The silver or gold IRA requires that the customer should have an account given by an overseer. The company provides this service due to its multiple custodians’ relationships that help the customers trust and be comfortable with the person they are entrusted with.

Augusta Precious Metals works with a client during the process of completing their paperwork and after they have purchased the silver or gold individual retirement accounts.

The avenue of communication between the customer and the custodian will still be open. This ongoing customer support is something that APM takes pride in and sets them apart from the competition.

Storage services for Physical Gold and Silver

Augusta Precious Metals sells silver and gold coins and bars to their clients and provides a storage facility for them to be held. The company has several secure storage facilities that its customers can choose from.

Multi-team approach services

This service is where the company’s employees are a team and do everything, they can on the customer’s side to educate them about the gold and silver IRAs. The team is there for as long as you need it, even after opening the account.


For a customer to be allowed to buy the silver and gold individual retirement accounts, they must have not less than $50,000 dollars as capital to get started. Without the required amount, one cannot be allowed to buy the precious metals IRAs or switch to the alternative IRAs assets.

There is also the setup fee of fifty dollars. The company also covers the annual storage fee of a hundred dollars and the annual custodian fees of eighty dollars for new clients.

Augusta Precious Metals will also cover the hundred percent of one initial set up charges and account’s annual fees for ten years. There are also the shipping fees which are never covered by the client but by the company.

Also, unlike other companies, Augusta is the only company covering a hundred percent of storage and custodial fees, and the charges can be substituted for up to ten years. The company does not also charge any annual fees, and they provide support for the lifetime of the customer’s account.

Who Should Become An Augusta Precious Metals Customer?

An Augusta Precious Metals customer should ensure that they want to diversify their portfolios into precious metals. One should not be a customer if they do not want to create alternative IRA accounts because the company specializes in IRA accounts.

One is allowed to become a customer of the firm if they possess or have at least a minimum of fifty thousand dollars as their capital in their accounts. This applies to both IRA accounts, as well as purchases of gold and silver outside of the tax advantaged accounts.

A customer can get started with signing the paperwork if they have the capital. An investor who wants a more personalized investment experience, and excellent customer service. An investor that may also be looking for a transparent company with great reviews from its current customers.

An investor also qualifies to be a customer of the company if they have done their due diligence on gold IRAs and want to enter the alternative IRA accounts if they fear the dollar eroding their retirement funds.

Augusta Precious Metals Reputation

Augusta’s reputation is known (and envied) across the industry as a highly recommendable one. The customers say that the company gets high-quality remarks from them in every customer service metric.

It is also significant to note that the company has never received any complaints from the BCA and BBB since its inception and doing its business activities. The lack of complaints is not by accident, APM has worked hard to deliver the best for their clients.

The company is highly recommended by the customers who joined it, and often told their friends and family members. Joe Montana, in his review, complimented Augusta on being among the best precious metal companies and values of Augusta’s professionalism, efficiency, and good team approach.

He further states that the company has excellent web conferences that are very informative, educational, and unique in the precious metals industry. Mr. Montana stipulates that he learned about the aspects of precious metals that can affect his savings through the web conference he had with Augusta Precious Metals.

Ryan S., a valued customer, in his review on the Better Business Bureau website, highly recommended Augusta as being very knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and thoughtful. He further says that customers will do well if they consider investing with the company.

Precious Metals Webinar

The webinar is educational and informative about Augusta Precious Metal’s services and the benefits of a tax protected Precious Metals IRA. Joe Montana attended this web conference which convinced him to become a customer.

Currently, he is the company’s corporate ambassador.

APM created this webinar to help investors understand the intricacies and benefits of a precious metal IRA since most investors, don’t have a lot of experience with these types of accounts, even though they have been around for decades.

The webinar changed how the retirees thought about saving and the gold and silver IRA. It also changed how people perceived America’s economy. Also, the web conference highlights that most IRAs are at the mercy of the stock and bond markets.

Being at the mercy of the paper markets means that the retirement savings are greatly affected by the dollar devaluing and the Federal Reserve’s actions.

Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver.

Investors are advised to allocate at least a portion of their portfolio to silver and gold, precious metals IRAs because they give an investors exposure to an asset class that is non-correlated to stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Also, the precious metals IRAs are tangible and gold has never gone to zero, with a 5,000 year track record to back it up.

When purchasing the silver and gold metals in a self-directed IRA, one can hold these assets without paying a tax penalty while they are in the account. Moreover, the precious metals IRA enables one to make purchases and bypass the management fees.

Silver and gold are precious metals that do not depreciate even when other assets depreciate (over time, every stock certificate goes to zero). Other assets may lose their value, but silver and gold has always retained some level of value.

Gold is a universal asset, meaning it is valuable in the world. Every civilization throughout history has highly valued gold, it’s a part of human nature. Due to this inherent value, it often rises in value during economic crises, when investors seek financial stability.

Moreover, investors are advised to invest in gold and silver in long-term saving methods such as retirement savings to get rich because these metals are precious. They should, however, look at how these precious metals fit in the marketplace.

Gold IRA Depository

A gold individual retirement account is an alternative method people use for their retirement savings. It allows one to buy physical or tangible gold that the IRS approves within a tax- benefited account which is the IRA.

The gold bars and coins are stored in a secure facility by the company for the investor per the IRS regulations. Augusta Precious Metals provides the steps and the information an investor needs once they have the IRA account.

The company assigns a custodian of the customers choosing to administer the IRA. The custodian helps the customer with whatever they need. The custodians do this by liaising with the various departments in the company.

Also, the IRS does not permit one to acquire personal possession of their retirement investments. The work is left to companies or banks to aid people with their savings and retirement benefits.

One needs to have their precious metals IRA investment stored in a storage facility that the IRS has approved to avoid sanctions (penalties and taxes) from the American government.

Shipping Information

Augusta Precious Metal Company ensures that the products to be shipped or delivered are carefully package and no one knows what is being shipped in the packages except the customer.

The company typically ships with USPS Express unless it is a large order which they ship through Brinks. The firm ships the precious metals to secure facilities United States for IRA accounts. However, cash purchases are shipped anywhere in the United States.

The orders usually take seven to ten business days after the orders have been confirmed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Augusta Precious Metals


The following are the merits of having an account at Augusta Precious Metals. They include;


  • Transparency, honesty, and educative in all its endeavors
  • The BBB and BCA have raised no complaints since their establishment
  • Excellent reputation in the state and good reviews of five-star from its customers.
  • One of the highest rated firms in the industry per their numerous positive reviews.
  • No pressure sales by salespeople.

Disadvantages include;


  • One requires to have a minimum of $50,000 dollars in the account.
  • There is no online setup, whereas the world has gotten used to doing everything online.

What Makes Augusta Unique?

Augusta Precious Metal is unique because it values the customers’ needs to the letter. It is also customer friendly since it places the customer as the most crucial asset in the company and during the paperwork and after the purchase has been conducted.

The company’s employees are advised to cater to the needs of their customers dutifully. The company also conducts an educative program that teaches its clients about the gold and silver IRAs.

Augusta values the customers’ feedback, and thus it opens the platform for the clients to give their feedback to enable them to improve in conducting and facilitating its business activities. The company is also upfront with its customers.

Augusta conducts its business activities in a transparent, honest environment. These values are most important to the company and are followed by the CEO himself and the able team that backs him up.


Augusta Precious Metals, is one of the most reputable firms in the country that invests retirement savings in gold and silver IRAs as alternative assets. The company is also known for it’s white glove service to it’s customers.

The paper has discussed who qualifies to be a customer of the company and the company’s reviews. The paper has further discussed the fees the company charges, and it has looked at the benefits of investing in silver and gold.

Lastly, the article has given the need for retirees to find alternative IRA assets such as gold individual retirement accounts for saving because they are tangible and do not lose their value.

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