The foundation of our thinking.

A natural evolution

Our fixed income and pure alpha effort grows in continuity from the shared values of a collaborative culture, focus on research, innovation, and a passion for active management.

One-step solution

Our comprehensive investment offering platform allows us to offer our clients a diversified set of investment options.

Complementary & synergetic

An understanding of the fixed income asset class bolsters our existing investment offerings.

Managing fixed income portfolios sharpens our investment acumen when managing equity portfolios; likewise, managing equity portfolios improves our ability to effectively run fixed income portfolios.

We embrace a three-pronged, innovative approach to our fixed income investment process:


We view fundamental and technical analysis (flows, issuance, structural positioning, utilities functions of different agents) as complementary, not antagonistic.


We size strategies depending on their risk/return contribution to the portfolio (diversification, carry), as well as other practical considerations such as liquidity, ease of unwinding under stressed conditions, and market flows.


We aim to limit downside and create a positively-convex profile for portfolio returns
We value liquidity
We set stop-loss and target gains as part of our strategy analysis