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Advantage Gold Review

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Advantage Gold LLC is an investment firm created in 2014 and is located in Los Angeles, California. Advantage Gold specializes in gold IRAs that help people seek to safeguard their wealth and increase their portfolio.

Over the years, Advantage Gold has grown to become one of the leading Gold IRA companies that people around the country go to when they want to invest in precious metals.

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About Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold was founded in 2014 by Adam Baratta and Kirill Zagalsky as a solution for IRA investors to diversify away from volatile, high-risk markets and geopolitical uncertainty.

Since then, the company has risen in rank to become the highest-rated precious metals firm in America. Advantage Gold emphasizes educating its potential and existing clients on the various coins and gold IRA elements because it believes an educated individual is the best client.

On this premise, the company has a team of knowledgeable executives who are fast, transparent, and honest in their dealings with customers.

Further, Advantage Gold specializes in converting existing IRAs or eligible 401K into Gold or other precious metals, mainly providing its clients with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

In addition, the company has buy-back options for its customers, should they decide to sell their precious metals at any point. The buy-back options are based on the prevailing market rate of the precious metal, and the process is completed within 24 hours.

Thanks to the company’s policy of customer first and empowering its customers by providing them with comprehensive, reliable, and truthful information concerning their offering and advice on how to trade, it now boasts of being the winner of the Best of Trustlink award. Trustlink is a review site created by the BBB.

Advantage Gold also prides itself in transparent pricing and exceptional customer service provision because of its policy of educating its potential and new customers on how to leverage, invest and trade in precious metals.

Their experienced sales, marketing, and customer service executives take their customers on a step-by-step guide on physical precious metals investment.

Advantage Gold Reviews

Advantage Gold continues to attract 5-star ratings and positive reviews on some reputable review platforms online, such as Trustlink and Trustpilot. Most of the reviews from the past seven days are 5-star rated except for a few customers who had queries concerning their billing.

For example, one excited customer recommends Advantage Gold by acknowledging their customer service, stating, “I’m happy to work with Advantage Gold and recommend them to investors looking to place precious metals in their portfolio.

I’ve been their client for several years now and have enjoyed the service they have provided. The staff meets me at my level of knowledge so that I can feel confident about my decisions.”

One client, not entirely impressed by Advantage Gold’s services queries on fees charged. She posed an inquiry, “I would like an answer to how a $142,000 transfer of cash to Advantage Gold translated to a statement of purchases totaling $142,000, and when it was immediately sent out to Strata Trust, it was $100,000. Isn’t 42% usurious?”

Overall, the number of happy customers commending exemplary service to them exceeds the few complaints. The feedback turnaround time by the Advantage Gold customer service is also notable.

Advantage Gold Management Team

Advantage Gold’s founders and senior managers are Kirill Zagalksy and Adam Baratta. They both worked at a national United States Mint listed dealer.

Kirill Zagalsky served as a Senior Account Executive where he specialized in precious metal IRA accounts where he helped many customers convert out of paper assets into precious metals through IRA and 401K rollovers.

He has experience as a licensed broker and a specialist in precious physical metals. Kirill’s career began as a licensed series three commodity broker for a national retail brokerage firm, where he served as vice president.

On his LinkedIn profile, Zagalasky emphasizes transparency, educating, and empowering customers as the central policies of Advantage Gold that ensure good customer service delivery.

Adam Baratta, the other co-founder of Advantage Gold, worked at a United States Mint listed dealer as a senior account executive.

He specialized in precious metal IRA accounts. Baratta has helped many investors protect and preserve their precious metal investments by working closely with them to realize their long-term metals investment goals.

Besides co-founding Advantage Gold, Bratta co-founded a motion picture production company and award-winning writer, director, and producer.

Custodians and Storage

Advantage Gold works with approved and regulated Gold IRA custodians in line with the IRS rules, which must be complied with.

The approved Gold IRA custodians can hold the precious metals for the benefit of the self-directed IRA account holders while ensuring that IRA guidelines are strictly followed. IRA works with STRATA Trust Company and Equity Trust Company as their recommended IRA custodians in fulfilling this.

You can store approved gold, silver, palladium, and platinum in your IRA account. However, an IRS-approved third-party depository must store the physical metals invested.

Advantage Gold works with Brinks Global Service USA (Los Angeles or Salt Lake City) and Delaware Depository in Wilmington, DE.

Advantage Gold Products

Advantage Gold offers Advantage Gold IRA services, an Individual Retirement Account for investing in IRS-approved physical precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

  • Gold

Advantage Gold offers an assortment of approved IRA gold coins. Among the gold coins are the:

  • Canadian Moose Gold Bullion coins
  • Great-Horned Owl Gold Bullion coins
  • Woodland Caribou Bullion coins,
  • Canadian Wild Horse Bullion coins,
  • Big Horn Sheep Gold Bullion coins,
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins and Wolverine Gold Bullion coins.
  • American Gold Eagle Bullion coins
  • American Gold Eagle Proof coins
  • American Buffalo coins
  • American Buffalo Proof coins
  • There also exist Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins on offer.
  • Advantage gold has presented the available coins for purchase on their website, clearly highlighting the magnificent features engraved at the back of each coin.
  • Silver Coins

In this category, the approved IRA coins for purchase include:

  • Moose Silver bullion coins
  • Great-Horned Owl Silver bullion coins
  • Big Horn Sheep Silver Bullion coins
  • Canadian Wild Horse Bullion silver coins
  • Canadian silver maple leaf silver
  • American Silver Eagle proof coins
  • Mexican Libertad coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins
  • Platinum Coins

Approved IRA platinum coins on offer include:

  • Leopard seal platinum coins
  • Humpback whale platinum coins
  • Emperor penguin platinum coins
  • American Platinum Eagle coins
  • American eagle proof coins
  • Canadian Platinum maple leaf coins
  • The only IRA-approved palladium coins are the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins.

What is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account that is allowed to hold precious metals) is opened for customers interested in physical gold, silver, palladium, or platinum precious metals.

The custodians of these accounts must be IRS approved to hold in custody the contents of the Gold IRA for the benefit of the owners of the said accounts.

Opening a self-directed gold IRA account with reputable, IRS-approved companies empowers you to make your own investment decision and select your precious metal that conforms to your taste and budget.

Because gold is the most prestigious medal of the four categories, the term Gold IRA is used when referring to the metal accounts in general.

Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is a prestigious metal that is important as a part of a diversified investment portfolio because its price increases in response to events that cause the government-regulated paper money value to depreciate.

Unforeseen events like conflict and global recessions have been known to cause a depreciation of currencies and inflation. Therefore, investors prefer to diversify their portfolios by investing and storing their wealth in gold, which serves as a hedge against inflation and currency risk.

Additionally, it’s also an excellent way to save your money for future use because it’s a universally accepted and easy to dispose of medium of exchange.

Difference between Physical Gold, Gold Stocks, and Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) provide clients with a platform to hold gold in exchange-traded funds at an equivalent market value as physical gold. The Gold ETFs are managed passively and reflect the actual value of gold without distortion.

However, this kind of ownership is virtual and favors people who buy gold as an investment tool rather than using it for jewelry or personal purposes.

The function of the account managers in the Gold ETFs is to purchase gold bullion equivalents and depositing to the clients’ accounts as requested. For investors, it’s cheaper than trading in physical gold, which has more expenses.

Gold stocks are publicly traded investments focused on gold or shares of gold that an individual owns within the gold traded ETFs for long-term or short-term profit.

Physical gold has an intrinsic value that is only determined by the laws of supply and demand. Buying physical gold involves purchasing the physical gold, which is either shipped to your address or stored for you by IRS-approved storage companies.

Some of the IRS approved American gold products include:

  • Woodland Caribou Bullion coins
  • Canadian Wild Horse Bullion coins
  • Big Horn Sheep Gold Bullion coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins
  • Wolverine Gold Bullion Coins
  • American Gold Eagle Bullion coins
  • American Gold Eagle Proof coins
  • American Buffalo coins
  • American Buffalo Proof coins

On the other hand, some of the IRS approved silver products include:

  • Moose Silver bullion coins
  • Great-Horned Owl Silver bullion coins
  • Big Horn Sheep Silver Bullion coins
  • Canadian Wild Horse Bullion silver coins
  • Canadian silver maple leaf silver
  • American Silver Eagle proof coins
  • Mexican Libertad coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins

Advantage Gold Learning Center

The Advantage Gold learning sector comprises six sections that enlighten the customers on information about IRA, the requisite retirement tools, relevant charts, IRA infographics, information on 401K fees, and a free guide for potential customers on how to get started.

The IRA information panel enlightens potential customers on how to fund their IRA accounts, enlisting contribution, rollover, and trustee to trustee methods of funding an individual’s IRA account.

Customers are also notified that they can withdraw their funds from an IRA account at any time and the fact that indirect rollovers are tax-free.

Relevant real-time charts like market volatility charts and inflation charts under the charts section of the Advantage Gold Learning center are essential tools that educate the customers on the right market trends.

A quick survey under the retirement tools sections aids the customers in determining the suitable retirement investment depending on many factors. Customers are further educated on the right tactics to invest in precious metals under the gold infographics.

Is Advantage Gold a Scam?

Advantage Gold is not a scam. Advantage Gold is an IRS-regulated entity with more than seven years of service to its customers since its inception.

It has numerous positive reviews online and a five-star rating on Trustpilot and TrustLink, which are credible rating sites. This company is an excellent choice for people new to precious metal IRA investing. Their customer service team is proactive and responds to customer concerns quickly.

Pros and Cons of Advantage Gold

Advantage gold, just like any other business entity, has its pros and cons. Some of the advantages that Advantage Gold offers to its clients include:


  • Their speed of delivery to the customers is commendable, compared to their competitors.
  • Advantage Gold is listed by the United States Mint as a dealer, and you can rest easy that it’s a regulated and reputable entity.
  • Excellent customer service, as evidenced by Trustlink and Trustpilot ratings.


  • Coin selections from the foreign mint are limited
  • Exclusive coins are charged at a higher premium compared to their competition.
  • Advantage Gold Background


Advantage Gold prides itself in educating its customers and robust customer service. A variety of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins are available in their portfolio for customers who own Gold IRA accounts to purchase.

Over time, Advantage Gold has earned a good reputation with its customers because of its excellent customer service and transparency.

Advantage Gold is not a scam, they are a reputable gold dealer, but they are not the best choice for gold investors and certainly not for people looking to rollover their 401k or IRA into a precious metals IRA.

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