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A housing market on the mend bodes well for banks, says Turner, 1.25.13

BERWYN, Pa., January 25, 2012 –? As more Americans seek to purchase homes in an improving market, they’ll need mortgage loans to do so.? According to the latest Sector Focus commentary from Turner Investments, mortgage lending may grow by double-digit rates in 2013, to the benefit of title insurers and banks that specialize in mortgages and refinancings.

Titled How the housing recovery is helping banks and title insurers, the piece was written by the five Turner analysts who cover the financial-services sector: Pablo Echavarria, global security analyst; David Honold, portfolio manager/global security analyst; Sorin Roibu, global security analyst; Mark Turner, president and senior portfolio manager; and Rick Wetmore, portfolio manager/global security analyst.? Turner Investments, based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, publishes Sector Focus commentaries monthly as part of the continuing efforts of its five teams of security analysts to monitor market sectors for its growth-stock portfolios.

According to the analysts, "Just as you can’t talk about the original movie version of King Kong without mentioning Fay Wray, it’s hard to talk about the state of mortgage lending without referring to the health of the housing market."? Since signs of improvement in the housing market abound, like a pickup in new-household formation and home-building rates at five-year highs, a healthy increase in mortgage lending should be on its way.

The analysts identify five financial-services firms providing mortgage loans, refinancings, or title insurance that in their judgment appear to be well positioned to benefit as the housing market rights itself: EverBank Financial, First Republic Bank, Texas Capital Bancshares, Wells Fargo, and Fidelity National Financial.

To read this January 2013 Sector Focus in its entirety, click on this link to the Turner Investments Web site: Or call 484.329.2407 for a free copy of the piece.




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