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    Learn about our asset management capabilities for institutional investors and consultants.
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    This password-protected site is intended only for sophisticated investors who are able to assume the risks inherent in investment vehicles of this type and who meet the fund's eligibility requirements. For those who are eligible, this site offers convenient access to detailed information about our alternative investment products, investment process, investor reports, analysis, and investment performance.
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    Find information on Turner Funds plc and its funds available to qualified non-US investors.
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    To individual investors and their financial advisors, we offer a broad array of mutual funds in the U.S. growth, global/international, and long/short investing styles in diverse capitalization ranges.

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Small-Cap and Growth Stock Funds Are Bright Spots, 7.12.15

Two of Turner Investments L.P.’s mutual funds were highlighted in the Sunday 7/12/15 edition of the New York Times’ “Mutual Fund Report”

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Welcome to Turner Investments

Culture. Research. Innovation.

Turner Investments manages growth, global/international, and alternative separately managed accounts and mutual funds. We define ourselves in three ways. One, our culture is one of collaboration and accountability. Two, our research is conducted by investment teams that focus on specific market sectors. And three, we embrace innovation -- we are open to new ideas. 

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