Turner’s Four Phases of Growth Investing for the Future.


Phase One: Companies that have built a market presence (with a product or service offering) in a new sub-industry category


Phase Two: A select group of companies that quickly advance ahead of the initial group of competitors


Phase Three: Companies that offer new efficiencies and introduce a radical change in an existing market

Market Leader

Phase Four: Companies that have earned the largest market share in their industry and dominate within their competitive landscape

We are independent, passionate, and focused.

We believe that innovation drives earnings and earnings drive stock prices. Our commitment to finding companies that will be the next great Innovator, Accelerator, Disruptor, or Market Leader, has never been stronger.

We are focused on the future of growth investing in a global economy. We’re confident that the recent improvements to our investment strategy and team structure will allow us to continue to achieve success for our clients.

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“Without continual growth
and progress, such words
as improvement, achievement,
and success have no meaning.”

- Benjamin Franklin